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  • 1000 Aqueous Cleaner Concentrate

    SC-1000 Aqueous Cleaner Concentrate is our most versatile and powerful non-ionic surfactant system used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Comprised of fatty alcohols, free fatty acids and fatty esters, SC-1000 is a colloidal solution that creates a unique hydrocarbon release agent that can tolerate tremendous soil load. The powerful micelle cleaning action of SC-1000 will cause long chain hydrocarbon soils including fats, greases, oils, proteins and sugars to repel from the surface so that they can
    be rinsed away with water, without damaging or reacting with the cleaning surface. SC-1000 is not a typical caustic detergent or petroleum solvent, therefore it will not damage or react with the cleaning surface. SC-1000 meets with the following requirements:
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USEPA National Oil & Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP) 1
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    EU REACH Pre-registered
    CEFAS Reg. 25334 North Sea
    USDA A1 General Cleaning & L1 Drain/Sewer Acceptable
    California’s SCAQMD as a Clean Air Solvent.
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing
    NSN 6850-01-474-1273 (5 gal.); 6850-01-474-1311 (55 gal.)
    1SC-1000™ is on the USEPA NCP Product Schedule under Surface Washing Agents. This listing does not mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies or authorizes the use of SC-1000 on an oil discharge. The listing means only that data has been submitted to EPA as required by Subpart J of the NCP § 300.915.

  • 2-Cycle Oil LXE

    Acts as a regular 2 cycle oil as well as an engine and exhaust system re-conditioner.

  • 2000 All-Purpose Cleaner

    SafeCare SC-2000 All-Purpose Cleaner is a ready-to-use non-ionic surfactant cleaner that will release hydrocarbon soils including fats, greases, oils, and sugars without reacting with the cleaning surface. SC-2000 All-Purpose may be use on all “water-safe” surfaces.
    Based on our most powerful cleaning chemistry approved by the USDA for general cleaning (A1), SC-2000 All-Purpose Cleaner is ideal for use in the food and beverage industry. SC-2000 All-Purpose Cleaner complies with:
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    NSN 7930-01-508-2735 (5 gal.); 7930-01-508-2741 (55 gal.); 6850-01-505-7204 (bulk)

  • 680 Blown Soybean Oil

    Blown soybean oil is refined and blown under controlled conditions to achieve high viscosity. It is used in caulking and glazing compounds, lacquers and printing inks.

  • A-Patch™

    Effectively bonds and seals asphalt cracks from 1/4″ to 2″ in width. Keeps out all moisture Becomes part of the asphalt matrix and structurally reinforces the area with fiberglass strands, making it the strongest bond available. Can be applied all year, no heating required.

  • AA-Adult Shampoo

    A formula that cleans and conditions hair without stripping it. It does not include sulfonics, caustics, fragrances, builders or reagents.

  • Accosoft 750

    A laundry fabric softener.

  • Acous-Tec

    A soy-based sound reducing liquid underlayment patch and leveler that can be used for all floating floor systems including vinyl, laminate and wood.

  • Acri-Soy

    Non-toxic penetrating clear concrete and wood sealer that is virtually odorless and protects against moisture, efflorescence, dusting, marring and stains.

  • Actiflo

    A fluid lecithin rich in phospholipids. Suitable for water-in-oil emulsions.


    A 77 percent bio-based solution that restores Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) millings to like-new asphalt perfect for filling potholes, edge ruts, shoulders, and other paved surfaces.

  • Active Age Defense

    Facial products made with soy that contribute to fresher, softer and younger looking skin. All natural products.

  • Actrasol OY-75W

    Compatible with most builders’ use in cleaner formulations.

  • Actrasol® OY-67

    A good lubricant for textile applications, non-staining on aluminum, steel and copper.

  • Ade Creamy Cleanser

    A cleanser made with soybeans to cleanse the skin and remove makeup and impurities without using dry soaps. It moisturizes while it cleanses to keep skin soft with no greasy feelings.

  • Adhesive and Mastic Remover

    A bio-based product that safely and effectively removes adhesives, price stickers, lipstick, mastic, wax, decals, crayon marks, shoe polish, asphalt, gum, carpet glue and grease from most surfaces.

  • ADM

    soya-methyl-ester-Glycols technology uses a catalytic process called hydrogenolysis to convert glycerin into propylene glycol. It is then purified to either industrial-grade for use in paints, coatings, antifreeze and other products. It is also be purified  to USP-specifications-grade for use in food and flavorings, cosmetics, pet foods and as a pharmaceutical excipient.

  • Aero Dyne-Amic

    A proprietary formulation of surfactants, oils, emulsifiers and buffering agents specifically designed for use with insecticides and fungicides.

  • Age Perfect Night Cream

    Soy seed proteins in this cream help skin rebuild its own substance to improve elasticity for more toned, supple and resilient skin. It reduces the appearance of age spots and soothes increased dryness. The company says the product is dermatologist tested and claims 94 percent of women saw more hydrated skin in 4 weeks.

  • Agnique® SBO10

    A low dose agricultural adjuvant and emulsifier for plant protection products.

  • Agri-Web
  • Agriculture Tires

    Since 2014, the company continues to replace petroleum-based ingredients with soybean oil in all of the tires produced.

  • Agrisolv

    Removes oil, grease and adhesives from concrete surfaces and automobile parts.

  • Agristain for Concrete

    A concrete stain that penetrates porous substrates like concrete, wood, leather and paper.

  • Agristain for Fiber Cement

    A concrete stain for fiber concrete, wood, leather and paper.

  • Agristain for Wood

    A concrete stain specially formulated for wood surfaces.

  • AgriTech®

    Agritec chain-oil-Elevator lubricant is biodegradable and non-toxic. Supported by USDA BioPreferred Purchasing Program. Excellent lubricity and high viscosity index. Utilizes the latest in ashless anti-wear additive technology for wear reduction and prevention of rust, corrosion and oxidation

  • AgriTech® Soy-Based Elevator Fluid ATSO232; ATSO268

    Hydraulic fluids are biodegradable, resulting in non-toxic waste is land disposed. Supported by the USDA BioPreferred Purchasing Program, all fluids provide excellent lubricity and feature a high viscosity index.

  • Agritone
  • Agrol 2.0

    BBTagrol-bottlesA  functional, viscous polyol suitable for coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomer (CASE) and slabstock applications.

  • Agrol 2.8

    BBTagrol-bottlesA 2.8 functional, viscous soybean-based polyol suitable for coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers (CASE), flexible molded, rigid molded, slabstock and spray foam insulation applications.

  • Agrol 3.0

    A 3 functional, viscous polyol used in coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers (CASE), flexible molded, rigid molded, slabstock and spray foam insulation applications.

  • Agrol 3.6

    BBTagrol-bottlesA 3.6 functional, viscous polyol for rigid molded applications.

  • Agrol 4.3

    BBTagrol-bottlesA 4.3 functional, viscous polyol for rigid molded applications.

  • Agrol 5.6

    BBTagrol-bottlesA 5.6 functional, viscous soybean-based polyol suitable for rigid molded applications.

  • Agrol 7.0

    BBTagrol-bottlesA 7.0 functional, viscous polyol for rigid molded applications.

  • Agrol Diamond

    BBTagrol-bottlesA functional, viscous polyol for rigid molded applications.


    BBTagrol-bottlesSoy-based polyurethane products made from natural, rapidly renewable oils. They can be used in many of the same or similar applications as petroleum polyols. Prime is slated for flexible slabstock formulations.

  • Air Tool Oil

    A high-quality pneumatic tool and equipment lubricant.

  • Alcohol-Free Hair Spray

    A natural vegetarian hairspray that contains no alcohol that would dry hair.

  • Alkaline Cleaner™

    An all-in-one cleaner/degreaser concentrate. It has a high pH with FREE alkalinity. Use it for degreasing, protein removal, or fat/lipid removal.

  • All Veg 4000

    A natural energy source for animals, derived from processing soybean oil seed products.

  • All-Purpose Lubricant and Penetrant

    UltraLube SprayAn eco-safe, non-toxic lubricant.

  • All-Purpose Plant Cuisine

    OSMplant-cuisine-325A plant food made with alfalfa, molasses, soybeans and other premium natural ingredients.

    Contains no animal manure or stinky smell. Ÿ Available in 50 lb bags for commercial use or 5 lb bags for home use. A complete fertilizer, it contains  three major nutrients which benefit plants and helps to build healthy soil.
    Safe for use around people, pets and wildlife when used as directed. Ÿ Environmental runoff is reduced with natural fertilizers

  • All-Soy 100 Percent Soy Flakes

    Can be used in candles as a base candle wax or as an additive to other waxes. Used in toiletry and cosmetics such as lip balm, cold process soap, lotion bars and solid perfume balms.

  • AllerSafe®

    AllerSafe products neutralize protein allergens created by dust mite droppings, dog dander and cat saliva without toxic or hazardous chemicals.

  • AllerSafe® Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

    A mild, pH neutral pet shampoo that cleans pets without use of harsh sulfonics, caustics, builders or reagents. Does not contain dyes or fragrances that can irritate pet’s skin.

  • Amazing Biobased Solvent and Stripper
  • Amidex™ Surfactant

    Excellent foam properties in soaps.

  • AnovaTM Asphalt Solutions

    A full line of rheology modifiers, rejuvenators, anti-strip additive and emulsifiers.

  • Anova™ Emulsifiers

    Tack-free liquid emulsifiers for quick and medium-setting asphalt formulations.

  • Appalachian Traditions™ Hardwood Plywood

    Purebond formaldehyde-free plywood technology in a panel that is unique and full of character. Works with any style.

  • Apricot Night Cream

    A night cream made with soy designed to offer skin the nourishment it needs. It soothes and extracts, which helps to restore and maintain the appearance of healthy, youthful looking skin.

  • Aqualess Ultra Process Series
  • Aquawash

    Cleans all types of water-based inks, including discharge inks, and works as a screen opener while still on the press. Virtually no odor, 100 percent biodegradable, drain safe and no caustics.

  • AR-3600™

    A 93 percent bio-based asphalt and tar remover ideal for cleaning trucks, pavers, and tools. The solution is safe for both the user and the environment and works faster than diesel and other fuel oils used for cleaning paving equipment.

  • Archer Chain Bar Lubricant
  • Archer Graffiti Remover
  • Archer Kleenease

    A solvent that is made from 100% American-grown soybeans and no chemicals. It easily removes grease, oil, asphalt, paint and tar and is great for washing parts and engine degreasing.

  • Archer Kleenease Solvent

    Industrial strength solvent that removes grease, oil, asphalt, paint and tar.

  • Archer Quick Release

    Non-petrochemical, biodegradable asphalt release agent that works as a diesel fuel. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly material made of soybean oil.

  • Archer Soy Spray

    High quality crop-based oil for use in post emergence spray applications.

  • Archer Soy-Safe Bar & Chain Oil

    Archer GrowmarkLubricant made with soybean oil.

  • Archer Soyguard

    High performance diesel fuel additive. Formulated using domestically grown soybeans. Aids lubricity, improves engine life, cleans injectors, lowers emissions, boosts performance.

  • Archer SoyGuard Plus®

    A high performance diesel fuel additive. Formulated using American- grown soybeans. Aids lubricity, improves engine life, cleans injectors, lowers emissions and boosts performance. Now with a cetane booster.

  • Armeen DMSD

    A chemical intermediate, resin neutralizer and corrosion inhibitor.   

  • Armeen® S

    A corrosion inhibitor, dispersing agent and emulsifier.

  • Aromatic Cedar

    An affordable luxury for use in closets, storage and laundry areas, pantries, kitchen and bath cabinets, chests and as drawer liners.

  • Arquad® SV 60 PG

    A foam booster, antistatic, emulsifier, dispersing agent, wetting agent and lubricant.

  • Arrowfresh
  • Arrowlith
  • Arrowstar UV 7700

    Formulated for high-speed UV sheetfed and web printing. “Soy Seal“ compliant, these inks are formulated with state-of-the-art resin and photoinitiator chemistries to excel on a variety of substrates, including lightweight papers, recycled stock and board.

  • AS All-Purpose Cleaner

    AllerSafe All-purpose cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces.

  • AS Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo

    AllerSafe carpet and upholstery shampoo is used for extraction cleaning or machine washing. Does not contain any fragrances or colors.

  • AS Dustroy Anti-Allergen Ready-to-Use Spray

    AllerSafe neutralizes protein allergens and may be applied to all surfaces that are washable.

  • AS Hand Dishwashing Liquid

    AllerSafe hand dishwashing liquid fights grease without any fragrances or extra chemicals.

  • AS Laundry Detergent

    AllerSafe Laundry Detergent is a concentrated liquid formula that neutralizes protein allergens while providing excellent cleaning performance. Use as any other concentrated liquid detergent, about 1 – 2 ounces per load. Safe for septic systems. Available in 64-oz. laundry bottle (4 bottles/case)

  • AS Laundry Stain Remover

    AllerSafe AS-Laundry Stain Removes is a proven non-ionic surfactant technology for loosening and removing most organic stains including blood, grass, chocolate, marker, grease, oil and fruit juice. May be used on all washable fabrics. May also be used as a laundry pre-soak for heavily soiled clothing. Available in 16 oz. bottle (24 bottles/case) and 4 oz. refill concentrate bottle (36 bottles/case)


  • AS Mold and Mildew Cleaner

    AllerSafe effectively cleans mold, mildew and fungus from surfaces inside and outside without harmful bleach or caustics. Safe to use on exterior and interior walls, floors, and any surface that can be cleaned with a water-based product. Will not damage ceramic tile, grout, or canvass material. Available in 16-oz. spray bottle (24 bottles/case)

  • AS- Liquid Hand Cleaner

    A cleaner that safely removes organic soils including the toughest automotive lubricants without caustics or toxic solvents. It will not irritate skin and does not contain dye or fragrances.

  • AS-Bath and Body Wash

    A neutral pH concentrated body wash that contains no dyes or fragrances, caustics, tallow, sulfonics or other toxic ingredients. Provides excellent soil release and is hypoallergenic.

  • AS-Glycerin Bath Bar

    A luxurious bath bar that leaves skin feeling silky smooth and thoroughly clean without using harsh sulfonics or tallow that can clog pores.

  • AstroTurf

    An environmentally progressive synthetic turf solution for athletic fields. Made with BioCel backing which contain polymers produced from domestically grown soybeans that replace a portion of the petroleum-based polymers.

  • ATF Protectant

    Prevents overheating and reduces elevated operating temperatures. It also extends fluid life.

  • ATF-Dexron/Mercon III

    Dramatically reduces friction on metal parts and internal components.

  • Avicor 384 Vinyl Acrylic

    A small particle size, APE-free surfactant-stabilized emulsion. It exhibits excellent scrub and stain resistance and offers excellent flexibility for use on aged masonry and primed wood.

  • Avicor 385

    A high scrub, vinyl acrylic emulsion designed to provide superior performance in interior and exterior paints. It combines high molecular weight, excellent film formation, flexibility and water resistance to produce paint films with excellent toughness, gloss and durability.

  • AW 130, 140 and 150

    Three soy wax emulsions for paper and packaging applications. This alternative to parafiin wax emulsions is available in 30, 40 and 50 percent solids and can be formulated to meet coating weight and water repellency requirements. Regarded as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) it is ideal fro pulp furnish, Kraft, thermos-mechanical or TMP applications.

  • BabySoy

    Baby layettes, 0-24 months, use leftover pulp from tofu, soy milk and other soy products as raw material.

  • Bakery Collection

    100% soy wax candles in fresh-baked aromas. Products include Home Sweet Home Collection, Melt Your Heat Collection, Soy Tidings Line, and Vintage Florals.

  • Balanced Diet Lightweight Moisture Lotion

    A lightweight moisturizer made with plant extracts that softens and soothes skin.

  • Balancing Tonic

    A tingly-cool tonic that retexturizes skin. It is made with soy protein that protects and moisturizes to keep skin at proper pH.

  • Bar and Chain Lubricant

    Chain-Saw-A biodegradable bar and chain saw lubricant.

  • Bar Soap

    A vegetable based, triple milled bar soap that gently cleanses without drying skin. It pampers the body and leaves the skin feeling clean smooth and soft.

  • Barco SoySafe Wood Sealer and Waterproofer

    stock paint brushSoySafe™ non-toxic wood sealer and waterproofer is all natural, non-flammable, and certified biodegradable

  • Barrage HF

    An enhanced ester broadleaf herbicide that offers faster performance, low volatility and easier application.

  • Barrier

    Pour into manure pits to create a seal between the manure and air. Hydrogen sulfide emissions are reduced by up to 75 percent. Reduces ammonia emissions by up to 40 percent.

  • Basin, Tub and Tile Cleaner

    Deodorizes, cleans and removes lime scale, soap scum, and body oil deposits.


    Covestro Bayer logoProvides a range of proven soy-based polyurethane systems. Tailor-made modifications of their broad polyurethane portfolio are available.

  • Beaded Panels

    The look of fine tongue and groove woodwork with the installation ease of a plywood sheet.

  • Bean Pod Candles and Seed by Soy Inspirations Candles

    Made with soybeans available in a variety of fragrances and sizes.

  • Bean-E-Doo Automotive Molding Adhesive Remover

    Removes automotive molding adhesives with a soy-based dip application. Low-volatile, organic compounds, biodegradable and nontoxic.

  • Bean-E-Doo® Parts Washer

    An extremely effective parts cleaner for any shop. Meets all regulations for VOC’s and Vapor Pressures. With a flash point of over 400 degrees f. is can be used hot or cold safely.

  • Bean-E-Rid

    A mold and mildew treatment and preservative.

  • Beanswax Candles

    Candle_Soy-waxClean-burning candles made of U.S. soy.

  • Beckosol™ AQ

    A Family of soy-based alkyd latex resins used in architectural paints and road markings.

  • Bella Hand Wash

    A soap that moisturizes as it cleans. Contains a water soluble conditioner with added vitamin E and soy protein.

  • BetaFoam™Renue

    Dow Renuva Auto cavity foamA cavity sealing foam made with 30% renewable soybean oil, BETAFOAM Renue provides improved acoustical performance of one to five decibels at the driver’s ear, and minimizes
    resonance buildup while sealing vehicle cavities. The lightweight foam creates a
    potential mass savings of up to 30% versus previous generations of BETAFOAM.

  • BHHO Biodegradable Hydraulic Hoist Oil (ISO 32)

    A biodegradable bio-based formula that replaces mineral based hydraulic fluids.

  • BHHO Biodegradable Hydraulic Hoist Oil (ISO 32)—

    Renewable Lubricants hydraulichoistA biodegradable biobased formula that replaces mineral based hydraulic fluids.

  • BHHO Biodegradable Hydraulic Hoist Oil (ISO32)
  • BIO AW/AL Hydraulic Press Oils
  • Bio G-3000®

    Premium Biodiesel Fuel

  • BIO MIL-PRF-32073 Hydraulic Fluid (ISO 15, 22, 32, 46, 68)
  • Bio PC Mats

    Mats work in the daytime by absorbing heat from solar and internal gains. Releases heat during the night to reduce cooling and heating loads, along with energy consumption. The mats come in different categories to choose the right kind for you.

  • Bio-80W90 Gear Oil GL-4

    Acts as a lubricant on a variety of surfaces.Renewable Lubicants Biosynthetic gear lube

  • BIO-AIR Compressor Fluid (AC-30)
  • Bio-Air Tool Lubricant (ISO 32)

    Renewable Lubricants Air Tool Food GradeReplaces petroleum based air tools. It emulsifies water for improved lubricity in moist conditions and provides anti-misting.

  • Bio-Arctic Firearm Lubricant

    Lubricates in extreme subzero temperatures. It’s a combination of biobased and synthetic base oils and prevents corrosion.

  • Bio-Artic Firearm Lubricant

    http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/Bio-based4_7_11.aspxA specially formulated, readily biodegradable light lubricant developed to lubricate in extreme subzero temperatures. A combination of biobased and synthetic base oils formulated with the proper additive technology to lubricate into close tolerant areas and prevent corrosion.

  • Bio-Blast Penetrant

    Renewable Lubricants BioBlast Penetrant BioPreferred AerosalA specially formulated, biodegradable, fast-acting penetrant that blows away rust and dirt. It is non-staining to ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Bio-Blast Penetrant (Low Surface Tension)

    A fast acting penetrant that blows away rust and dirt. It is non-staining to ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Bio-Blast™

    A specially formulated, biodegradable, fast acting penetrant that blows away rust, dirt.

  • Bio-Booster Soy-Based Cetane Improver

    A soy-based cetane improver that increases diesel fuel ignitability.

  • Bio-Cleaner/Degreaser (Plus Corrosion Protection)

    Can be used to replace petroleum solvents for cleaning parts and equipment.  This safe, nonflammable product contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and has been formulated with anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors for improved stability.

  • Bio-Concrete Mold Release Fluid

    A low-viscosity; modified and corrosion inhibitor formulation.

  • Bio-Cutting Oils

    Metalworking lubricants.

  • Bio-EP Gear Oil

    Renewable Lubicants Biosynthetic gear lubeRecommended for lubricating spur, helical, bevel, and worm gear configurations which are subject to heavy loading or shock loading and are designed for heavy-duty applications.

  • Bio-Extreme™ HT

    An oven chain lubricant.

  • Bio-Gearhead Oil GL-3

    http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/Bio-based4_7_11.aspxUsed to reduce the speed of an irrigation engine to drive water well turbine pumps. It offers the protection advantages of the mild EP and anti-wear of an API “GL-3” type gear lube.

  • Bio-General Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

    A safe, nonflammable product that contains no hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).Excellent electrical insulating value. May be used as a straight solution or may be solubilized with water before use.

  • Bio-Graphite E.P. Grease NLGI #1

    http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/Bio-based4_7_11.aspxSpecifically formulated for sliding surfaces and applications where extreme pressure exceeds the fluid film. It provides good anti-rust, anti-oxidation and anti-wear protection.

  • Bio-High Temp 180 E.P. Grease NLGI #2

    renewable-lubricants-bio-extreme-high-temperature-oven-lubricant-1-gallon-jug_A biodegradable grease that has high viscosity index base oil and lithium complex thicker. It has excellent resistance to water, corrosion and outstanding performance in a wide temperature range.

  • BIO-HVO Hydraulic Fluids
  • Bio-Hydrostatic Fluid (Low Viscosity)

    A biodegradable vegetable-based hydraulic fluid.

  • BIO-Hydrostatic Low-Viscosity (Universal Tractor Fluid)
  • Bio-Penetrating Lubricant (BPL)

    Renewable Lubricant BPL Food GradeA light lubricant in food processing equipment and is essentially odorless and tasteless. It provides a protective, thin film lubricant.

  • Bio-Penetrating Lubricant (BPL) + MOLY

    Renewable Lubricant BioPenetrating LubricantA light lubricant that performs in many applications because of the super high viscosity index.

  • Bio-Penetrating Lubricant (BPL) + MOLY + TACK

    http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/Bio-based4_7_11.aspxA bio-penetrating lubricant plus Moly with tackifier provides advantages in some applications such as high speed roller chains, cables and moving parts.

  • Bio-Penetrating Lubricant (BPL) + TACK

    http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/Bio-based4_7_11.aspxA bio-penetrating lubricant with food grade tackifier that provides adhesive to the performance of bio-penetrating lubricant.

  • Bio-Plus Injector Cleaner Gas Conditioner

    A multi-functional, highly concentrated, synthetic bio-based gas additive formulated to provide excellent intake valve cleanliness and ensure clean efficient combustion in fuel injected and carburetor equipped engines.

  • Bio-Power Summer Diesel Conditioner

    A soy-based diesel fuel conditioner formulated to improve fuel economy and power.

  • Bio-Power Winter Diesel Conditioner

    A diesel fuel conditioner specifically formulated for harsh winter conditions.

  • Bio-Renewables Industrial Degreaser

    A water-rinsable, industrial strength degreaser designed to be used in concentrated form. Formulated with new soybean oil technology and boosted with d-limonene, this degreaser tackles the toughest tasks.

  • Bio-Soy Orange™ All-Purpose Degreaser/Cleaner

    Biobased, biodegradable degreaser/cleaner that is a safe improvement over petroleum solvents. 

  • BIO-Synthetic Trans-Hydraulit (Universal Tractor Fluid)
  • Bio-SynXtra™ Trans-Hydraulic Fluid

    A universal tractor fluid that incorporates stailized additive technology with vegetable oil biobased stocks

  • Bio-SynXtra™ Trans-Hydraulic Fluid and Low Viscosity

    A universal tractor fluid that incorporates stailized additive technology with vegetable oil biobased stocks.

  • Bio-TC-W 2-Cycle Engine Oil

    Renewable Lubricants Biosynthetic 2cycleoilEspecially designed to operate in water-cooled gasoline engines for the boating industry and in 2-cycle air-cooled engines for general-purpose equipment and for personal recreational transportation, such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, chain saws and lawn and garden equipment.

  • Bio-TC-W3 2-Cycle Engine Oil

    http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/Bio-based4_7_11.aspxOperates in water-cooled gasoline engines for the boating industry and in 2-cycle air-cooled engines for general-purpose equipment and for personal recreational transportation, such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, chain saws and lawn and garden equipment.

  • Bio-Trans-Hydraulic

    A universal tractor fluid that is made from biodegradable soybean stocks.

  • BIO-Turbine R&O Fluids (ISO 32, 46, 68, 100)
  • BIO-Ultimax Hydraulic Fluids
  • Bio-Value Lube Gas Conditioner (for off-highway use)

    Approved by the EPA for off-road equipment and marine engine manufacturers. Helps reduce valve seat, ring and upper cylinder wear in engines that operate at high RPMs or under heavy loads.

  • Bio-Valve Lube Gas Conditioner

    http://www.hivelocitymedia.com/features/Bio-based4_7_11.aspxApproved for off-road equipment and marine engine manufacturers. It reduces valve sear, ring and upper cylinder wear in engines that operate at high RPM’s or under heavy loads. It helps prevent expensive repairs, increases fuel efficiency and is cost-efficient.

  • Biobased 1701S, 501W and 502

    Water-blown, two-part, open-cell, biobased, spray-applied polyurethane foams.

  • Biobased Insulation

    Soy-based polyurethane spray foam insulation that creates a structure that is healthy, comfortable, energy efficient, durable and environmentally responsible.

  • Biobased Metal Polish

    Removes oxidation, tarnish, surface rust and water spots. Rub on and buff off. May be used with a buffing wheel. Recommended for all metals, porcelain, plexiglass, hard plastics and painted surfaces.

  • BioBlend

    Soy-based penetrating oil.

  • Biocel, Envirocel and Envirocel Home

    High-performance, eco-friendly carpet backings are recommended for high- and mid-range traffic environments, including government, commercial, education, retail and synthetic applications.

  • Biodegradable Concrete Form Release

    A biodegradable, nontoxic, stain-free concrete form release agent formulated with seed oil that permits easy removal of wood and steel forms.

  • Biodeisel

    Biodiesel Truck

  • BiOH® polyols

    Cargill BiOHSoy-based, industrial ingredients for polyurethane products such as flexible foam, rigid polyurethane foam, coatings, adhesives and sealants.BiOH foam

  • Biokleen™Soy Lube SL-100

    Biokleen-Soy-Lube-SL-100-4ozA lubricant made with soybean oil and other vegetable derived oils, orange peel extract and vegetable based corrosion inhibitors and penetrates.

  • Biolube SD

    A soy-based lubricant used in oil drilling and metal working applications.

  • Biomax THF

    A tractor fluid that is designed specifically for use in agricultural equipment and protects the vital parts of a tractor to ensure optimal performance.

  • Biomax THF (Tractor Hydraulic Fluid and Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid)
  • BioPCM™

    Mats filled with hydrogenated soy oil store and release energy slowly to enhance comfort of building inhabitants.

  • Biorenewable Lite ‘N’ Foamy Sunflower Fresh

    A biobased foaming hand, hair and body wash formulated with ingredients made from renewable resources.

  • Biorenewable Waterless Hand Cleaner

    A hand cleaner formulated with a soybean solvent base to remove heavy-duty soils safely and easily.

  • BioRenewables Restroom Cleaner

    A biobased product designed to clean toilets, urinals, and shower rooms. This restroom cleaner features a cool citrus floral fragrance and a blue color.

  • BioRenewables™ Glass Cleaner

    May be used to clean and polish any hard surface not harmed by water such as: window glass, panes and sills; mirrors, countertops, chrome, automobile glass, fluorescent lights and tubing, and any other glass or mirror finish.

  • Biorestor Asphalt Rejuvenator

    Biorestor soy-based maltene rejuvenator reduces permeability, ravel and cracking; gives an additional service of 3 to 5 years with retreatment evaluation; reduces life cycle costs; and reduces deterioration of pavement. It can replace oils and resins on older pavements that are lost through natural aging process of moisture and UV damage. It has a KB value of 58.

  • BioSOY Food Grade Hydraulic Oil

    A biodegradable hydraulic oil formulated in accordance with the criteria established by the USDA for H-1 lubricants and U.S. FDA Regulation 21 CFR 178.3570, “Lubricants With Incidental Food Contact.”

  • Biosoy Hydraulic Oil
  • BioSOY Industrial Hydraulic Oil (ISO 46)

    A biobased product that protects against wear, has a high flash point for safety and is virtually biodegradable

  • Biotrans Dielectric Oil

    Biobased transformer fluid. Engineered using naturally derived soybean oil.

  • Blendmax K

    A refined, fluid lecithin that has been enzymemodified to enhance water-dispersibility.

  • Blue Bear (aka) Bean-E-Doo®

    Product line replaces toxic chemicals with environmentally-safe soybean oil.

  • Blue Bear (Bean-E-Doo)

    The first soy based product FranMar formulated, BEAN-e-doo®, replaced the use of mineral spirits, xylene, toluene, even gasoline, in screen printing cleaning operations. As all screen printers will tell you, it was an amazing innovation.

  • Blue Bear Asphalt Release

    • BlueBear Asphalt ReleaseFormerly known as BEAN-e-doo Asphalt Release
    • Better Than Diesel – Cheaper Than Citrus!
    • Improved and Increased Slips
    • Environmentally Safe
  • Blue Bear Asphalt Remover

    BLUE BEAR 300RE Asphalt Remover 5 GallonBlueBear 300RE Asphalt Remover

    • Powerful cleaner AND protectant!
    • Easier clean-up than traditional petro cleaners.
    • A must-try-to believe product!
  • Blue Bear Emerge

    Blue Bear Emerge FranMarAn environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner that is versatile and can be used on a variety of hard surfaces. It cleans oil, grease, dirt and grime from asphalt, concrete, metal and painted walls.

  • Blue Bear Mastic Remover

    Bllue Bear Mastic RemoverRinses clean and does not leave a residue.

  • Blue Bear Parts Washer Solvent

    An industrial parts washing solution that cleans tough oils, greases, carbons and inks. Available in three different solutions: general cleaning parts washer, rust-inhibitor parts washer or a ruse-removal parts washer. Formerly knows as BEAN-e-doo Parts Washer, it can safely be used hot or cold; is recyclable and easily disposed. The soy formula meets VOC and vapor pressure regulations.

  • Blue BearAsphalt Release – aka Bean-E-Doo

    Franmar Blue Bear Asphat RemoverBlue Bear Commercial | Asphalt Remover (BEAN-e-doo Asphalt Cleaner)

    A powerful cleaner and protectant that is easier to clean up than traditoinal petroleum-based cleaners. Made with 100% American grown soybeans.

  • BodyBilt chair

    BodyBuiltchairAn ergonomic chair that is made with soy-based BioFoam. Custom built chairs fit and support the seated human body at work.In addition to building a chair to specifications at the time of order, chairs can also reconfigure as needs change — including the option to change upholstery. All chairs are made to order and ship direct from the Bodybilt factory.

  • BoltOff™

    Penetrating lubricant.

  • Bore Cleaner

    Concentrated paste that lasts longer and takes less time to clean than ordinary liquid or aerosol cleaners. Non-corrosive, non-flammable and has no offensive odors or rust.

  • BR-3600™

    A biodegradable bed release agent that prevents material from sticking to the truck bed while maintaining the chemical integrity of the asphalt mix. BR-3600 uses less material and works faster than conventional release agents.

  • C-3 Cycle-Solv

    All purpose solvent for replacement of CFCs. Penetrates rapidly. Controlled evaporation. Use as a solvent spotter for carpets, industrial wipe, vapor degreaser, parts wash, or wherever very hazardous solvents must be replaced.

  • C-54 Graffiti Remover

    Soy solvent ingredients are safe for the environment yet effective at removing most paints.

  • C-Cure®Concrete Curing Agent

    Formulated to provide smooth, complete clear curing concrete. C-Cure is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe on all surfaces. When used according to the directions, it will form an integral clear microscopic film on the wet concrete surface, thus retarding evaporation and allowing for a better, more complete cure


    Can be used everywhere exposed concrete is present and needs repair. It bonds to any clean concrete surface and is ready for 18-wheel traffic after three to four hours. C-Patch uses a patented fiberglass-reinforced concrete formulation that makes it extremely strong, yet lightweight and durable.

  • California Parts Washer

    Liquid concentrate cleaner and degreaser. Biodegradable, pH 7-8 in concentrated form. Rinses film-free. Less than 50g/L volatile organic compounds in dilution as tested by California South Coast Air Quality Management District.

  • Calm to Your Senses

    A calming soybean oil that softens, soothes and smoothes skin.

  • CAN/AM GOLD+™ Panels

    Five-foot-wide panels that dramatically improve yield and reduce labor costs.

  • Candlemart Soy Candles

    Hannah’s At Home 100% soy wax candles available in a variety of scents and sizes.

  • Candles by Claire Soy Candles

    American grown soybean wax candles.

  • Candles My Way

    Hand-poured soy wax candles available in a variety of scents and containers.

  • Car and Truck Wash Detergent

    cleanenvironmentcarwashA very high sudsing, naturally derived detergent for washing cars and other vehicles. Can be used with a high pressure sprayer.


    Cargill transformer fluidRefined soybean oil is used to manufacture alkyd resins for paints and inks. In personal care applications, refined soybean oil is used for it natural moisturizing properties. It is also used in anti-dust formulations and in natural cleaners. It has a high lipid content for specialty fermentation applications. Its lubricating characteristics are used in oilfield drilling and hydraulic fluids.

  • Carpet & Upholstery Spotter & Shampoo

    SafeCare SC-Carpet & Upholstery Spotter & Shampoo is comprised of non-ionic surfactants and a water hardness modifier to create a powerful micelle cleaning action that can tolerate tremendous soil loads. SC-Carpet & Upholstery Spotter & Shampoo penetrates and lifts hydrocarbon soils including fats, oils, greases, proteins and sugars without damaging carpeting fibers or upholstery fabrics or their backing and substrate
    materials. Because SC-Carpet & Upholstery Spotter & Shampoo is most effective on organic soils, it is not recommended for use on items that have been dyed with “natural” colorants. SC-Carpet & Upholstery Spotter & Shampoo complies with:
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing
    USDA BioPreferred® Program

  • Casciaro Candle Company Soy Candles

    Natural soy wax hand-poured candles that burn cleaner and last longer. Available in fifty fragrances and in sizes ranging from 22-ounce mason jars to petite tea lights.

  • CB-Xcel

    Soy wax that is molecularly blueprinted to control polymorphism. It has extreme resistance to bloom and wet spots, while producing an excellent scent. It maintains an even burn pool with consistent color retention.

  • CedarSafe®

    Flakeboard cedar panels made with Soyad® soy-based adhesives provides natural protection from moths, roaches, silverfish and mildew. The 4’ by 8’ panels are easy to install and area a safe alternative to mothballs. The panels are available in most home improvement stores.

  • Cenex Biomax BPL

    Biodegradable penetrating lubricant.

  • Cenex Biomax THF
  • Centrocap

    Centrocap lecithins are clear and brilliant, low-viscosity lecithins designed to be free of hexane.

  • Centrol CA

    A medium-polarity, oil-in-water emulsifier.

  • Centrol Series

    Stable, easy-to-handle fluid blends of natural phospholipids and soybean oil.

  • Centrolene Series

    Hydrophilic lecithins produced through a chemical modification known as hydroxylation.

  • Centrolex Series

    Highly concentrated,versatile lecithin powders in an essentially oil-free form. They have the highest acetone-insoluble level found in the Solae line and the highest level of soybean phospholipids with no carriers or diluents.

  • Centromix Series

    Fluid lecithins are highly water-dispersible, oil-in-water emulsifiers that provide optimal pigment dispersion in water-based paints and coatings.

  • Centrophase HR

    The original heat-resistant lecithin

  • Centrophase Series

    Versatile low-viscosity fluid lecithin products.

  • Centrophil Series

    A blend of oil-free phospholipids and refined specialty oils.

  • CFP60”s™

    Five-foot-wide panels that dramatically improve yield and reduce labor costs.  

  • Chain Bar Lubricant

    Bar chainA high quality biodegradable bar and chain saw lubricant.

  • Chainsaw Bar & Chain Oil

    For bar and chain saw lubrication.

  • Chembetaine™ S-FA Surfactant

    Special conditioning, foaming and viscosity building properties when used in shampoos, hand soaps and bath products.

  • Chemonic™ SI-63 Surfactant

    A mild cleansing agent and solubilizer. Used in baby products and sensitive skin formulations which require very low levels of skin irritation.

  • Chemonic™ SI-7 Surfactant

    Mild viscosity builder and foam stabilizer with emollient feel.

  • Chemoxide™SO Surfactant

    Provides good viscosity and foam enhancement, and improved performance in hard water.

  • Citra-D

    A ready-to-use, citrus cleaner and degreaser. It quickly dissolves grease, grime, oil, wax, dirt, ink, resin, carbon soot, and soap scum.

  • Citrus Soy Solvent

    A multi-purpose cleaning solvent made with soybean oil extract to make it a much safer and natural alternative. Non-flammable, non-combustible and gentle to skin. It dissolves gum, wax, paint, adhesives, tar and more.

  • Class Destiny

    Used with post-emergence products which recommend the use of a Crop Oil concentrate or methylated vegetable oil.

  • Classic Core®

    Constructed with a smooth, void-less MDF crossband that adds lightweight strength and surface quality.

  • CO2 Machine Fluid System

    Extends tool life, reduces waste disposal costs and provides high-speed machining of hard-turning metals and advanced materials including ceramics, super alloys and composites.

  • Coating Reducer

    Blending a percentage of SoyGreen SG5000X/HS in the formulation with isoalkanes helps reduce viscosity and retard the drying time of paints and coatings, improving the flow and coverage of formulation.

    DfE-recognized, biobased, VOC-compliant and nonflammable.

  • Cola®Liquid DO

    Improves foam, viscosity and feel properties of personal care formulations.

  • Cola®Mid 3458 MFA

    Provides excellent foam stabilization, viscosity building, conditioning and emulsification properties in shampoos, skin cleansers and other personal care products.

  • Color Wash

    Cleans as efficiently as chemicals such as methylene chloride without environmental or safety hazards.

  • ColorTrac SS and FormsPro™

    Soy inks for offset printing.

  • Columbia Alder

    Paneling with a fine, light grain pattern and consistent color. Great workability makes it a versatile choice for paneling, furniture and cabinet applications.

  • Comperlan® VOD

    Serves as a thickener in surfactant preparations.

  • Comply Degreaser and Deodorant Citrus & Soy- Non-Aerosol

    ComplyAn organic degreaser combining the power of citrus with the safety of soy for rapid grease cutting.

  • Composite Office Furniture

    e2e (2)A new line of office furniture made with advanced biocomposite materials.

  • Concert™ GC-350

    A grease processing aid that improves processability at lower temperatures. It blends easily into existing formulas due to tis low melt point.

  • Concrete Curing Agents

    ASTM C-309 compliant concrete curing agents.

  • Concrete Form Release Agents

    Soy-based release agent for concrete forms.

  • Concrete Truck Cleaner

    Environmentally safe alternative to using dangerous muriatic acid cleaners for your concrete trucks. It is safe on your metal surfaces and removes the concrete without bleaching the substrate or etching truck surfaces.

  • Concrete/Asphalt Form Release

    A water-soluble, biodegradable, nontoxic, stain-free concrete and asphalt form release agent formulated with Biotechbased™ soybean oil that permits easy removal of wood or steel forms.

  • Cotton Picker Spindle Grease

    A premium-quality grease formulated with specialized thickeners and extreme pressure additives.

  • CR-3600™

    Protects any kind of paving equipment from corrosion and rust. It is non-toxic and biodegradable and works in all temperatures on all metals..

  • Crude Soybean Oil

    Unrefined soybean oil.

  • CSV 3000

    Concrete stain vehicle made from soybean oil.

  • CustomColors™

    Pre-applied custom stained panels.

  • CytoSol BioSolvent

    A biodegradable shoreline cleaner to ‘Lift and Float’ oil from impacted marshes, mudflats and beaches.

  • CytoSol™ Biosolvent

    Provides a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution to help clean shore lines. The soy-derived biosolvent has more effective solvent properties than petrochemicals, especially on weathered oil. It contains no hazardous petroleum distillates, is non-flammable and safer for workers to use.

  • Deckscapes Waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain

    An environmentally-friendly stain that provides a rich pigmented appearance and is scuff-resistant for very good protection on walking surfaces.

  • DeDust™

    Calcium chloride-free dedusting agent. It works better than calcium chloride, and there is no risk of inhaling dust while applying the solution. DeDust is highly concentrated–use .50 ounce per 5 gallons of water. 50% biobased material.

  • Deep Cleansing Shampoo

    Formulated with all natural ingredients and for oily skin and hair. It acts as a skin and facial cleanser.

  • Defoamer ECO CARE

    A soy-based defoamer used in industrial applications such as paper, municipal waste, textile and oilfields. Made of renewable soybean oil, the defoamer is highly functional and effective.

  • Defoamer SOY

    An eco-friendly antifoaming agent made from a mixture of oils, primarily soybean oil.

  • Defoamer SOY and Defoamer ECO CARE

    These soy-based defoamers are used in industrial applications including oilfields.

  • Degreaser and Deodorant

    Complies with V.O.C. guidelines. The safest alternative to using chlorinated solvents for degreasing metal surfaces. Heavy flushing action quickly dissolves and removes grease, grime, and oil. High pressure spray penetrates, loosens and lifts contaminants away. Parts can air dry leaving negligible residue, or be rinsed with water.

  • Derma E Papaya and Soy Milk Facial Cleaner

    A cleanser made with pure botanical extracts and natural foaming agents to thoroughly life make-up and excess oil from skin. Soy milk helps restore skin’s smooth texture while preventing dehydration.

  • Desiclean 1000

    A vegetable oil-based cleaner/degreaser designed for multi-purpose uses. It can be applied by dipping, spraying and brushing.

  • Desigreen 100

    Vegetable oil-based fluid combines the unique characteristics of strong lubricity and bioresistance. It performs in the same fashion as a soluble oil but contains no chlorine, no heavy metal and no mineral oil, which minimizes workers’ concern about exposure. This fluid is effective on both steel and aluminum alloys.

  • Desigreen 120

    Vegetable oil-based semi-synthetic metalworking fluid is designed for a broad range of metalworking applications on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It contains no mineral oil, no chlorine, DEA, zinc and other heavy metals.

  • Desigreen 215

    Heavy-duty, soy-based metalworking fluids are formulated with a Desilube-proprietary EP package. These fluids perform in the same fashion as conventional straight oils. They exhibit comparable lubricating performance but different viscosities (10 to 120 cStc at 40°C). These fluids are recommended for use in various heavy duty metalworking operations including cutting, grinding, sawing, deep drawing, broaching and fineblanking. These fluids are extremely effective with respect to improving tool life in mist or near-dry metalworking operations.

  • Desigreen 300

    High performance and soy-based fluids is formulated to improve the oxidative stabilities and to reduce the tendency of varnish or gum formation on the tool surfaces.

  • Desigreen Base 12

    Emulsifying base is designed to formulate various vegetable oil-based, water-dilutable metalworking fluids. It contains extreme pressure, anti-wear, surfactant/emulsifying and bactericdal additives.

  • DiaTech ™ SF2

    Serves as INX’ Low VOC system unsurpassed for press stability and print quality.

  • Disc/Drum Brake Wheel Bearing Grease

    Meets NLGI GC-LB specifications. A premium water-resistant EP grease for automotive and truck chassis and wheel and trailer bearings.

  • Dow BioBalance Polymers Carpet-Backing System

    Incorporates soybean oil as a replacement in a portion of the chemistry used in making polyurethane carpet backings.

  • Drapex 38

    Epoxidized soybean oil.

  • Drapex® Alpha

    Galata_Chemicals2A primary biobased plasticizer that can replace phthalate plasticizers in polyvinyl polymers.

  • Drawer Sides

    Created with HPVA CC rotary-sliced natural maple panels.

  • Dri-Sol Gloss
  • Dri-Soy Dull
  • Dual Reclining Loveseat

    Klaussner sofaMade with foam that is made with soy-based polyol.


    DuPontSoyPolymersBind-Personal-CareDuPont™ Soy Polymers invented a unique Structural Peptide Architecture™ manufacturing process that allows the highly compact protein molecule structure to unfold, exposing active amino acids chains for interaction with other molecules in the formulation.

    This interaction allows side chains of the protein to bond with the polar species:  oils, fragrances and pigments. Better bonding between ingredients enhances their efficiency, prolongs the desired functionality and stabilizes formulation. Used for partial or complete replacement of latex, casein and other natural or synthetic binders, viscosity modifiers and thickeners. They are also used to obtain functional improvements.

  • Dust Control Concentrate (DCC)

    A biobased, biodegradable, non-toxic dust suppressant and stabilizer. ELM DCC is formulated with natural seed oils and proprietary emulsifiers and surfactants to safely control dust while not impacting the environment.

  • Dynathane Carpet Cushion

    A commercial/hospitality carpet cushion made of 100 percent premium high-density polyurethane foam from soy polyols. It may be used for double glue or stretch-in installations. Environmentally-safe, Dynathane exceeds EPA carpet VOC emissions requirements. It contains no formaldehyde, styrene, BHT (butylated hydroxyl toluene), or 4 PC (phenylcyclohexene). It’s nonallergenic, odorless NEW FRESH® anti-microbial treatment resists mold, mildew and bacteria. Dynathane contributes to LEED project certification. It reduces noise levels and fatigue and is suitable for use with radiant heat flooring systems. Dynathane provides excellent resiliency, longer carpet life and appearance retention. The company guarantees its performance.

  • Dyne-A-Pak

    Multicomponent adjuvant providing methylated seed oil and nitrogen fertilizer solutions.

  • Dyne-Amic

    A blend of methylated seed oils and organosilicone-based surfactants that delivers coverage comparable to nonionic surfactants with the physical properties of a crop oil concentrate.

  • Earth Grown Crayons

    Handmade from soy wax. Unlike most crayons made with paraffin wax, Earth Grown Crayons are 100% biodegradable. Available in whimsical shapes and colors.

  • EAS™

    Sulfate enhanced soy oil-based substrate for groundwater bioremediation.

  • ECO CB120

    Container blend flakes with a melting point of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Made from pure, 100 percent natural botanical oils with a soybean base. Generally burns longer than paraffin candle waxes. Burns cleaner with reduced carbon buildup and no pollutants. Environmentally friendly.

  • ECO CB135

    Container blend flakes with a melting point of 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • ECO PB

    Pillar blend flakes with a melting point of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Eco Procote Architectural Soy Concrete Stain

    A non-toxic soy-based semitransparent penetrating concrete stain that is virtually odorless. Created beautiful natural color variations unique to each surface, similar to acid stains. Installs quickly.

  • Eco Procote Soy Concrete and Wood Sealer

    Soy-based penetrating clear concrete and wood sealer that is virtually odorless and provides protection against moisture, efflorescence, dusting, marring and stains.

  • Eco Procote Soy-Based Colorants

    100 percent solids with low soap content for better water resistance and less fade. Complete soy-based technology. Use in concrete and polymer concrete.

  • Eco Procote Surface Prep

    Soy-based concrete and wood surface prep used to remove oil, grease, sap and adhesives prior to application of paint or stain.

  • Eco Silent Sound HD Acoustical Underlayment

    Made of 100 percent high-density polyurethane foam using soy polyols.

  • Eco Tread Acoustical Underlayment

    Made of 100 percent high-density polyurethane foam, using soybean polyols, this underlay helps reduce sound transmission.

  • Eco Ultimate Silencer Acoustical Underlayment

    An underlayment for floating, glue down and nail down wood and laminate installations with a moisture barrier film. Made of 100 percent high-density polyurethane foam using soy polyols. It eliminates minor subfloor imperfections and offers the industry’s best limited lifetime warranty. Eco Ultimate is suitable for radiant heat flooring systems.

  • Eco Ultra Quiet Acoustical Underlayment

    This floor underlay is made of 100 percent high-density polyurethane foam using soybean polyols.

  • ECO-300™, MFS-Green™

    Oil storage tank cleaners.

  • Eco-Tuff High Traffic Flex Clear Wood Finish

    The world’s leading environmentally compliant safety coating for floors. A high-traffic finish coating with superior durability, flexibility and safety.

  • Eco-Wick Wax

    Soy wax for wick coating. Specifically designed to keep wicks rigid and erect in melted wax while maintaining flexibility and excellent coating properties.

  • Ecoline 3220

    A 100 percent biobased and ready-to-use temporary coating. It has a tenacious film which clings to metal surfaces, providing excellent contact corrosion protection in storage and shipment.

  • Ecoline 3690

    A biodegradable product that is 76 percent bio-based and is non-hazardous and non-toxic. It provides excellent indoor and outdoor protection and provides corrosion protection.

  • Ecoline Bearing, Chain and Roller Lube
  • Ecoline CLP

    EcolineCuttingFLDA green multifunctional penetrant/lubricant which provides lubrication, penetration, corrosion protection in humid and harsh environments and cleaning.

  • Ecoline Cutting Fluid

    Multifunctional, readily biodegradable fluid for metal-cutting operations that provides lubrication and cools work pieces and tools. Prevents inadvertent welding of metals.

  • Ecoline Long-Term Rust Preventative

    EcolineLtRustPrevA biodegradable temporary coating designed for use in severe marine and high humidity outdoor and indoor environments. It protects against all types of corrosion and oxidation and works well on a variety of metals.Its excellent penetrating properties aid in loosening frozen or rusted parts.

  • Ecoline Soya

    Soy methyl esters.

  • Ecoline® All-Purpose Lubricant
  • Ecoline® Surface Cleaner and Degreaser

    A full strength, industrial grade surface cleaner and degreaser. Dilutable with water up to 1:1, can be used in both industrial and commercial applications. Specially designed for environmental and safety characteristics, the heavy duty cleaner has a nearly neutral pH so no special safety equipment is required during use.

  • Ecomax, Ecorib and Ecoclassic Carpeting

    Carpetbacking9 (2)Carpets backed with EnviorCel™ polyurethane backing systems for commercial carpet. Contains recycled, recovered and renewable materials that are 60 percent to 70 percent biobased by backing weight. EnviroCel replaces large percentages of the petroleum-based components in the polyurethane with biobased polyols made from soybean oil.

  • Ecoprocote Durasoy Biobased Paints

    Professional-grade sustainable paint technology with superior performance and appearance.

  • EcoProcote Soy Concrete and Wood Sealer

    Acrisoy is a durable penetrating non-film-forming bond and seal that will never flake or peel. Maintenance recoats do not require stripping as common with traditional film forming sealers. A virtually odorless and breathable multi-surface sealer allows moisture vapors to escape, yet blocks out moisture from absorbing into the substrate. EFF-Bloc™ technology incorporated in Acri-Soy™ enhances efflorescence and early water resistance. Formulated for application speed, lap free flow and quick dry for fast return to service.

    EcoFlorZ is formulated with a very hard VOC free, HAP’s free, 100% acrylic for a tougher finish, then fortified with a urethane dispersion for improved slip, water, chemical, and abrasion resistance. These enhancements allows EcoFlorZ™ to be used on both interior and exterior surfaces with outstanding weathering and UV resistant properties. It may also be used on many vertical substrate applications where a protective film forming barrier is required.

  • Ecoprocote Soy-It All-Purpose Degreaser

    Replaces highly volatile products such as petrochemical-based products, mineral spirits, D’Limonene and Naptha. It is a high- performance industrial cleaner/degreaser that is biobased, non-flammable, non-toxic and is very low in VOC. A safe and effective solution for; automotive, aircraft, agricultural, marine cleaning and general degreasing operations. May be used to prepare substrate surfaces for painting, sealing, or application of other coating finishes.

  • Ecoprocote Soy-It Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Soy-based technology at work.

  • Ecoprocote Soycrete Architectural Concrete Stain

    A specially formulated stain to add depth and color to concrete surfaces.

  • Ecoprocote Timbersoy Natural Wood Stain

    Soy-based stain that adds depth and color to wood surfaces.

  • EcoPure® HPJ SOY

    A high quality quickset ink for sheetfed offset printing.

  • EcoSoy

    Foam hand cleaner gently and effectively removes light to medium soils from hard working hands. The foaming action cleans better than a general restroom soap but is not as aggressive as a heavy duty gritted formula. Cleaning is powered by soy, a renewable, natural resource. The grit-free foam formula with an invigorating fresh scent leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

  • Ecosoy Black
  • Ecosoy System
  • Ecosoya CB Advanced and 135

    Used in container candles. Formulated with a creamy white appearance along with the best burn characteristics of EcoSoya container waxes.

  • Ecosoya PB

    Wax for all pillar candles and for wax dipping.

  • Ecosoya®

    Candles made with Ecosoya®, which is formulated specifically for candles. Available in a variety of scents and containers.EcoSoya Wax for Premium Candle Making

    All EcoSoya soy waxes:

    • Are 100% vegetable, made with Pure Soybean oil, GUARANTEED!
    • Are all NATURAL and biodegradable.
    • Are manufactured meeting FDA standards.
    • Are Kosher Certified.
    • Are NOT tested on animals.
    • Contain NO animal products.
    • Contain NO palm wax.
    • Contain NO petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products.
    • Contain NO pesticides and NO herbicides (view certification)
    • Contain NO toxic materials.
    • Contain NO Genetically Modified Material (view certification)
  • EcoWIND™

    TSIECOwindA polyurethane resin with a soy polyol for filament winding. It is a super-fast alternative to epoxy that cuts cure time and eliminates resin waste. EcoWIND won the JEC Americas 2013 Innovation Award in the “Green Solutions” category. It was a finalist in the 2013 Polyurethane Innovation competiton by the American Chemistry Council. It was also a finalist in the JEC Europe 2013 competition and won the ACE (Award for Composite Excellence) at CAMX in 2014.

  • Elemental

    A soy-based wood composite adhesive that is formaldehyde-free.

  • Elemental Hardwood Panel Products

    States Elemental_CardboardUsing soy-based adhesives, State was among the first production hardwood plywood manufacturers to become Forest Stewardship Council certified almost 20 years ago. In addition to meeting ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2009, State products comply with California Air Resources Board regulation 93120 reducing formaldehyde emissions unless otherwise specified.


    elevanceNovel soy-based di-functional specialty chemicals used as building blocks for a wide variety of engineered specialty polyamide, polyols & polyesters; epoxies and polyurethanes; and coatings and cross linkers.

  • Elevance Clean™ 1200

    A zero volatile organic content (VOC) metal degreaser that works in semi-aqueous and solvent-based systems. It can be used in neutral pH (6-9) formulations in heavy manufacturing, transportation maintenance and repair operations (MRO), and industrial food processing markets.

  • Elevator Hydraulic Oil ISO46
  • Eliminator

    Industrial strength concentrate formulated to remove common soils, grease, oil, dirt, wax, gum, dye, inks, carbon, smoke and exhaust stains. Safe for use on metal, plastic, rubber, porcelain, concrete and wood surfaces.

  • Elite 200 Soy Wax

    A vegetable blend wax used for container candle applications.

  • Elite 300 Pillar Wax

    Used for container candle applications.

  • ELM Dust Suppressant & Stabilizer

    A readily biodegradable, nontoxic dust suppressant and stabilizer. Formulated with natural seed oils and proprietary emulsifiers and surfactants to safely control dust while minimizing environmental impact.

  • Elm Penetrant

    Penetrates and loosens even the most corroded and rusty seized metal parts.

  • Emulsion Remover (Strip-E-Doo)

    Franmar’s EMULSION REMOVER has revolutionized the once unpleasant process of screen reclaiming with its natural and biodegradable formula. It is specifically designed to penetrate and dissolve all types of emulsion as well as capillary film without weakening the mesh.

  • Encapsulate™

    Eliminates most dust by encapsulating the particles which cling to each other. It is biodegradable and will not interfere with asphalt or concrete mixes.

  • Enviro-Save

    Soy methyl ester of fatty acid that performs as well as harsh chemical solvents.

  • Envirolift™ Biobased Elevator Hydraulic Oil
  • Envirologic 132 and Envirologic168

    Biodegradable hydraulic fluids that replace conventional oils.

  • Envirologic 132, 146, 168, 700
  • Envirologic 268

    Envirologic 268ABiodegradable chain and sprocket oils.

  • Envirologic 268 & 268

    Biodegradable chain and sprocket oils.

  • Envirologic 31

    Lubricant - stockA multipurpose lubricant for use in the office, at home or on the farm.

  • Envirologic 440

    EnvirologicEnviroLogic is a line of readily biodegradable*, high performance lubricants. These products are formulated and proven to replace petroleum based hydraulic fluids and gear oils, while providing enhanced wear protection and, ultimately, longer equipment life.

    Envirologic 440 is a non-toxic two cycle engine oil for use in air cooled engines.

  • Envirologic 500

    Dust-control concentrate. Can also be used as a concentrate or diluted as a mold and form release oil.

  • Envirologic 700

    A biodegradable universal tractor fluid based on natural ester technology.

  • Envirologic 802

    EnvirologicA lithium complex that is designed to perform in environmentally sensitive applications in marine, marine construction, dredging, rail and offshore industries.

  • Envirologic Bioflush

    A flush fluid to convert petroleum systems to biodegradable hydraulic fluids. It is not petroleum based.

  • Environmental Liquid Membrane System (ELMS)

    GreenProductsRoofcoatingsA soy-based, solar-reflective roof coating that can be applied in one coat over metal roof assemblies, single-ply membranes including thermoplastic polyolefin, aged Hypalon, aged PVC, and spray polyurethane foam. Low VOCs, environmentally friendly, UV resistant, with good elongation properties and low permeability. Earned ENERGY STAR approval. The only soy-based roof coating to carry a UL Class “A” fire rating.

  • Environmental Liquid Membrane System (ELMS) Natural Masonry Jacket

    Soy-based liquid membrane designed for waterproofing and restoration of masonry applications including stone, brick, concrete, tile, and more. It is 100 percent UV-stable, resists acids and oils, and does not lose mil thickness as it ages. Also available in an optically clear version (clear coat) and custom colors. Has earned ENERGY STAR approval and carries a UL Class “A” fire rating.

  • Environtemp FR3

    Renewable dielectric fluid made from soybean oil that is used in a variety of applications for transformers and other electric equipment. Provides outstanding performance, safety and environmental protection.

  • Envirosafe

    Soy based mastic remover.

  • Enviroset
  • EOS

    Emulsified oil products that are engineered to optimize subsurface conditions that promote anaerobic bioremediation.  EOS technologies are suitable for remediating chlorinated solvents, perchlorate, energetics and oxidized metals.

  • EOS 100

    Water-mixable organic substrate excellent for barrier applications and high velocity aquifers.

  • EOS 450

    Serves as a basic support for sites with established microbial communities, while maximizing substrate value.

  • EOS LS

    The only pH neutral low salt emulsion available in the marketplace.


    Specialized blend of organic substrates, nutrients and vitamins optimizes degradation (formerly 598B42).

  • EOS VOS™

    Mitigates groundwater impact from residual contaminants in the unsaturated (vadose) zone.

  • EOS XR™

    Offers an extra-extended release substrate to address matrix diffusion for 10 to 20 years.

  • EP Plus #2 Grease

    A premium quality biodegradable, Biotechbased™ grease formulated with OptiBase™ oils, lithium-based thickener and extreme pressure additives for maximum performance.

  • Epoxidixed Soybean Oil
  • Ethomeen® S/12

    An oilfield cleansing surfactant.

  • Europly PLUS™

    New eurostyle panel that provides a green edge to builders on LEED® projects.

  • EZ Solv™ Safety Solvent

    SC-EZ-Solv Safety Solvent is an ideal non-evaporative all purpose, nontoxic
    solvent where dwell time and continuous reusability are important.
    Comprised of soy ester and corn fatty alcohol, SC-EZ-Solv has a KB value
    of 1000+ and non-reactive with most cleaning compounds. SC-EZ-Solv is
    not water miscible and is an ideal solvent for removing gum adhesives,
    organic resins, polyurethane, silicone, latex and acrylic paints, permanent
    markers and polymerized hydrocarbon soils. SC-EZ-Solv complies with:
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing
    USEPA Design for the Environment Program (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    BAC 5750 Rev. L Solvent Cleaning of Metals
    US DOT: Class 55, Liquid Cleaning Compounds
    SC-EZ-Solv is a powerful replacement for:
    Toluene, Methyl benzene
    Methyl Ethyl Ketone
    Glycol Ethers, Butyl Cellosolve
    Kerosene, Mineral Oil

  • Ez Soy

    A natural soy wax that makes container candles. It is clean-burning, easy to clean-up, nontoxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe.

  • Face Cream

    A rehabilitating cream for aging skin that combats the visible effects of collagen breakdown and moisture loss. Soy isoflavones help to firm skin.

  • Fatty Acid Methyl Esters

    Can be used as an industrial cleaning solvent as a replacement in metal cleaning and precision cleaning applications. It also works well as a co-solvent blended with other products such as d-Limonene.

  • Fifth Wheel Truck Grease

    A natural seed oil that surpasses the lubricity of most conventional oils.

  • Finishing Spray

    A finishing spray that contains soya protein to leave the hair smooth without being sticky or stiff.

  • First Choice™Non-alkaline Cleaner

    A highly concentrated liquid formulated to clean washable, non-porous hard surfaces by dissolving and/or emulsifying the soils.

  • FirstStep®

    Pre-primed, ready-to-use hardwood plywood panels.

  • Floor & Tile Cleaner

    SafeCare SC-Floor & Tile Cleaner is a concentrated cleaning solution proven
    to effectively clean floors including ceramic tile, vinyl, polyresin,
    linoleum, and marble. SC-Floor & Tile Cleaner does not contain
    harmful caustics, which cause damage to grout and the floor finish.
    SC-Floor & Tile Cleaner complies with:
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing
    USEPA Design for the Environment Program
    USDA BioPreferred® Program

  • Flower Cuisine

    flower-macroA flower food that contains three major nutrients which benefit plants and helps to build healthy soil.

  • Food-Grade Hydraulic Oil

    Formulated in accordance with the criteria established by the USDA for H-1 lubricants and FDA Regulation “Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact”.

  • Food-Grade Machinery

    Formulated in accordance with the criteria established by the USDA for H-1 and USDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570, “Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact”.

  • Ford Motor Company

    Soy-based foam cushions are now standard in every 2014 Ford vehicle.

  • FR-4400™

    a patented biodegradable forms release agent. It works on metal, wooden, and fiberglass forms, and also helps retard corrosion.

  • Fragrance-Free Deodorant

    A deodorant that is effective in controlling odor-causing bacteria. It is natural and biodegradable.

  • Fragrance-free Hair Conditioner

    A 100 percent fragrance free conditioner made with soy. It revitalizes the natural structure of hair while adding body and shine. It is extra gentle for sensitive hair and scalp.

  • FSC®-Certified Wood

    Environmentally certified decorative panels and veneered particleboard that carries the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) ecolabel and qualifies toward the US Green Building Council LEED Green Building System requirements.

  • FSR-4450™

    The first non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly expanded polystyrene foam remover available to the road construction industry. It is formulated to effectively dissolve styrofoam (EPS) in all temperatures.

  • Fusion® UV Hybrid

    UV/EB inks meet local EPA emission limits and have low energy requirements.

  • G.E.T. Biobased Roofing Mastic

    GreenProductsRoofcoatingsA soy-based zero VOC roof mastic developed by Niemann & Associates for Green Eagle Technologies, LLC.

  • G.E.T. Biobased Safety Yellow

    A zero VOC coating that contains soy oil, biodiesel glycerin and soy methyl ester. Adheres to wood, painted concrete, brick, metal, galvanized surfaces and aluminum.

  • Gear Oil 80W90 and ISO 460

    Premium gear lubricants.

  • GEOlube SCO™

    An oil well drilling lubricant.

  • Ginger Cloud

    A smoothing body balm made with soybean oil. It nourishes and protects skin.

  • Glycerin Bath Bar

    Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable glycerin bars are made of an SC-1000 soy-based aqueous non-ionic surfactant system that is used in a variety of industrial applications. It has an INCI listing for facial cleaning. Removes tough soils like petroleum, asphalt, tar, latex paint, inks, grass, blood and wine without harsh detergents or oxidizers, leaving skin smooth and fully hydrated.

  • Glysol Parts Cleaning Fluids

    Replaces mineral spirits in solvent-type parts washers. Cleans heavy grease, oils, dirt, carbon and some coatings. Glysol SA semi-aqueous formula cleans solvent- and water-soluble soils and rinses cleanly with plain water.

  • Glysol Penetrate
  • Glysol™ PC

    A Powerful bio-based parts cleaning fluid derived from soybeans and other natural sources. Glysol PC replaces mineral spirits, PD680 Type II, Stoddard Solvent and similar petroleum-derived solvents in manual and immersion-type parts washers. It’s safer, cleans better andWorkcell Glysol PC lasts longer. Pleasant to use – low toxicity, no unpleasant fumes or skin irritation. Non-polluting, biodegradable.

    Glysol™ PC is a USDA BioPreferred® designated parts washing fluid.


  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber

    A new soy-based tire is currently in the final stages of testing and is scheduled to be released in 2015.

  • GR-3690™ Graffiti Remover

    Formulated to chemically remove pencil, pen, asphalt, and other soils from non-porous surfaces. This product is safe for the user and for the environment. It is biodegradable and non-toxic. May also be used in parts washers as a heavy duty degreaser/cleaner.

  • Graffiti Remover

    Removes all colors of spray paint, permanent markers, inks and lipstick from almost any surface.

  • Graffiti Remover SAC

    SpartanGraffiti RemoverA ready-to-use biobased product that is naturally derived from agricultural ingredients such as soy. It removes any graffiti off of most surfaces.

  • Graffiti-B-Gone Gel

    Formulated to aid in the quick removal of unsightly graffiti. It is a highly-alkali gel which may be applied to vertical surfaces to loosen any graffiti. Graffiti-B-Gone Gel is methylene chloride free.

  • Graffiti, Tar & Gum Remover

    Derived from 100% plant-based materials, Safe Care SC-Graffiti, Tar & Gum Remover effectively removes most organic and inorganic soils without harming the cleaning surface. SC-Graffiti, Tar & Gum Remover is a powerful non-evaporative solvent intended to loosen tough soils such as tar, chewing gum, permanent marker, ink and graffiti paints. SC Graffiti, Tar & Gum Remover complies with:
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing
    USEPA Design for the Environment Program (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program

  • Green Again™

    Green Again™ Screen Wash is made of upcycled vegetable oils, bottled using gravity and packaged with recycled materials. Screen printers from New England to California appreciate this powerful soy methyl ester-based printing screen wash for textile inks that meets the even toughest environmental standards.


  • Grime Off™

    Cleaner and degreaser.

  • H1 Food Grade Chain & Cable Lube

    Provides superior lubricity to protect moving parts.Approved by the NSF and meets criteria established by the USDA H-1 and US FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 “Lubricants With Incidental Food Contact”. Excellent for lubrication of chains, cables and rollers, providing superior lubricity to protect moving parts. Less mist generation than petroleum-based products. Contains no chlorine or silicone. Safe for all metals.

  • H1 Food Machinery Grease Grade 2

    Provides superior adhesion and protects all ferrous metal components from rust and corrosion. Approved by the NSF and meets criteria established by the USDA H-1 and US FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 “Lubricants With Incidental Food Contact”. Excellent for lubrication of bearings, gears and machine slides. Has EP additives to protect under heavy shock loads.

  • Hand Sanitizer

    A hand sanitizer that offers the protection of soy and aloe.

  • Heatlok Soy

    An insulation that creates “the perfect wall system,” combining multiple control layers into a single application. It combines an air barrier, water resistive barrier, vapor barrier, drain plane and high R-value insulation into a single, efficient application.

  • Heatshield

    Metalworking fluid specially formulated to reduce friction in milling applications.

  • Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

    AllerSafe AS-Liquid Hand Cleaner: Safely removes organic soils including the toughest automotive lubricants, without caustics or toxic solvents. Will not irritate skin and does not contain dystock hand cleaneres or fragrances.

  • Heavy-Duty Degreaser
  • Heavy-Duty Degreaser (Concentrate)

    An alkaline, water-dilutable, heavy duty green cleaner/degreaser. Contains natural solvents, wetting agents, and alkaline detergents. Removes automotive, industrial and kitchen soils/oils instantly. Works in both hot and cold water. Replaces toxic, Butyl-based cleaners. Inhibits corrosion to metal and has multiple uses.

  • Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

    A non-toxic hand cleaner that is all natural, non-flammable and biodegradable. It is great for tradesmen, mechanics, factory workers, farm workers, painters and plumbers.

  • Heavy-Duty Truck Grease
  • Hero Biobased Floor Cleaner

    A cleaner that can be used in automatic floor cleaners or with manual mopping. Hero cleans with plant power while alleviating disposal problems. It has a Readily Disposal rating and is municipal sewer system friendly.

  • Hero Biobased Penetrating Lubricant

    A soy-based lubricant that penetrates and lubricates parts. It loosens rusted parts, frees stuck mechanisms and stops squeaks.

  • Hero Biobased Ultra-Solve

    A surfactant that boosts the cleaning power of methyl ester and makes solvents rinseable with water. It cleans and protects surfaces by removing oils and grease, leaving a corrosion-resistant barrier if desired. It can be used as a biobased replacement for more hazardous solvents such as mineral spirits. It can be used in any parts washer.

  • Highly Friction Modified ATF

    Lubegard ATF2010_conv_10176706Eliminates the need for multiple OEM fluids and is the number one tool used by professionals to adjust the frictional characteristics of an ATF to operate at its optimum.

  • Homemade Soap

    Glycerin combines with natural vitamins A and E in soy to promote healthy skin. Does not contain salt. Available in a variety of scent.

  • HR3700 Hand Cleaner

    Soy-based hand cleaner that handles tough jobs.

  • HR3700™ Waterless Hand Cleaner

    Waterless hand cleaner. It is gentle on skin, but tough enough to cut through grease, oil, and other materials.

  • HY-3200 Emulsifying Soy Wax

    A thickening and emulsification agent for personal care products.

  • Hydraulic Jack Oil
  • Hydraulic Oils and Universal Hydraulic Tractor Fluid

    ISO hydraulic oils maintain stable viscosity through a wide range of temperatures. They reduce wear through superior thin-film protection. Particularly suited for use near water, in forestry, agricultural, golf courses, etc. Passes Vickers 20-VQ, 35-VQ and 104C Vane Pump Tests. Rust and corrosion protection to ASTM D-130 is 1A.

  • Hydrogenated Soybean Oil

    soybean oilHigh-proportion of oxidation-prone linolenic acid is undesirable for some uses, such as cooking oils.Hydrogenation may be used to reduce the unsaturation in linolenic acid. The resulting oil is called hydrogenated soybean oil.

  • Hyper-Cal 3800

    A blend of vegetable oils and high-grade animal fats that provides energy for a variety of animal species.

  • Hyplus NEX Process Series
  • Hyunity Process Series
  • I-Cream

    An eye cream made with soy that is designed to protect the skin from the appearance of premature aging. It brightens, restores and renews the delicate skin around the eyes.

  • Ickee Stickee Unstuck

    A biobased cleaner that works quickly and effectively. It easily removes adhesive build-up and cleans up with water.

  • Impact Gel™

    SaddleA dynamic product derived from soy and other natural oils and used for bedding, footwear, equine and sports products.

  • Industrial and Snow-Grade Hydraulic Oil
  • Industrial Cleaning Solvent

    A non-toxic, rinseable degreaser.

  • Industrial Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 Low Temperature
  • Industrial Vegetable Oils

    Available for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Infigreen® Recycled Polyols

    InfiGreen® Recycle Content Polyols are made from recycled polyurethane scrap foam and soy-based polyols and can function as a direct replacement for petroleum-based polyols. InfiGreEmery Infigreen soy polyolsen® Polyols with recycle content also provide enhanced value and improved sustainability through the recycling of scrap foam in paints, coatings, door and window seals, high temperature adhesives, o rings, and sporting equipment.


  • Inherent™

    Bio-based lubricant base oils and additives enable improved performance for the fast growing synthetic lubricants market. Molecularly identical drop-in fuels use multiple renewable feedstocks to cost-effectively replace diesel and jet fuels.

  • Ink Zapper

    Soy-based press and blanket wash.

  • Innergy™ Rigid Thermal Reinforcements

    Innergy Rigid Thermal ReinforcementsPultruded fiberglass and soy-based urethane insert that slides into windowframe chambers for greater support and insulation.

  • InnoGreen™ Polyurethanes

    InnoGreen Bioplastics Innovative PolymersLiquid urethane casting resins that offer measurable carbon benefits directly reduce climate change. Created for hand- batch and vacuum-assisted casting processes, these formulations contain 27% to 40% soy oil-based polyols, a rapidly renewable feedstock produced as a co-product of soybeans grown and processed as a food source for humans and livestock. Every InnoGreen® urethane casting resin is tested by USDA-approved independent laboratories and certified as USDA BioPreferred®-designated.

    InnoGreen® polyurethanes exhibit low viscosity for easy handling/processing and demold in less than 12 hours. Once cured, the polyurethanes exhibit elongations up to 200% and tear strengths high as 115 pli. In addition to casting, the new products are ideal for overmolding biobased foams.

    A line of 30 to 40 percent soy-based polyurethane cast elastomer systems.

  • JayCore®/KayCore®

    Premium veneer core hardwood plywood produced domestically on calibrated, veneer core blanks. Use for cabinetry and furniture.

  • Joint Venture

    A blend of nonionic surfactants and esterified fatty acids. Designed for use with insecticides, fungicides and miticides.

  • Karnes sleeper sofas

    Crate and Barrel Karnes Sofa SleeperSleek styling with slim track arms and generous soy-based foam cushions, that folds out to reveal full-size, four-inch-thick foam mattresses supported on wood platforms.

  • Klear Kut Reducer
  • Lacquer Retarder

    Slows the drying time of quick flashing exempt solvents such as acetone to prevent blushing and allow for proper brush-on times. Slowing lacquer drying times can prevent unwanted brush marks and flash drying.

    DfE-recognized, biobased, VOCcompliant and nonflammable.

  • Lamchem PE-130K

    Improves the taste and feel of fat-free foods. Exhibits excellent extreme pressure lubrication on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Lamchem PMD K

    Exhibits properties resembling lecithin when used in food products.

  • Larostat® 264A

    An effective cationic antistat that acts as a solubilizing/compatibilizing agent that holds product together. Suitable for textile market.

  • Laundry Stain Remover & Pre-soak

    Based upon the powerful cleaning performance of colloidal micelles, SC-Laundry Stain Remover gently solubilizes fats, greases, oils, lipids, proteins and sugars without the use of harsh toxic chemicals. SC-Laundry Stain Remover does not contain free caustics, bleach,
    artificial brighteners, ammonia, aldehydes, synthetics or phosphates and will not harm the ozone layer or causing eutrophication in waterways. SC-Laundry Stain Remover complies with:
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing

  • Lead Out™

    Soy methyl ester-based paint stripper for safe lead paint removal.

  • Lead Out™ Paint Stripper

    A biodegradable paint stripper that safely removes and encapsulates lead based paint. It is non-hazardous and has inexpensive disposal.

  • Lead Out™ Stain

    A paint remover made with soybeans that is non-hazardous and provides safe removal and inexpensive disposal.

  • Lecithin

    Crude, unbleached, food-grade

  • Lipovol HS

    Exhibits excellent stability. A superior carrier for essential oils and other oil-soluble components.

  • Lipovol® Soy

    Imparts a soft lubricious skin-feel in personal care products.

  • Lipsoy

    Lip balm.

  • Liquamelt® Adhesive and Equipment System

    Used for packaging, this liquid, rapid-set material is formulated with soybean derivatives and is a “cool-on-delivery, hot-on-demand” adhesive system.

  • LL01 Hydraulic Elevator Fluid

    Hydraulic fluids are biodegradable, resulting in non-toxic waste is land disposed. Supported by the USDA BioPreferred Purchasing Program, all fluids provide excellent lubricity and feature a high viscosity index.

  • LMX® “Red” Greases

    A premium, water-resistant EP grease that meets SLGI’s GCF-LB specifications. Excellent for auto and truck chassis and wheel bearings, trailer bearings, fleets, farms, plant and industrial, and heavy-load applications.

  • Lube ‘N Loosen

    LubegardLubeNLoosenLasts ten times longer than other lubricants and protects surfaces against rust and corrosion.

    Specially formulated with patented LXE® (Liquid Wax Ester) Technology to provide a biodegradable all-purpose lubricant that will not cause any harm to the environment.  This unique product can be used to instantly stop squeaks, free sticky mechanisms, loosen rusted bolts and lubricate countless other applications.

    Because Lube N Loosen™ is a bio-based product it is included in the Joint Service Pollution Prevention Opportunity Handbook developed at joint service industrial facilities under the direction of the National US Navy (NAVFAC), Air Force (AFCEE), Army (AEC), Marine Corps (HQMC), Defense (DLA) and the Coast Guard (USCG) as a beneficial and longer lasting substitute compared to hazardous kerosene based lubricants.

    The patented LXE® Technology incorporated in this product utilizes seed oil derivatives as a replacement for sperm whale oil that was used extensively (30 million pounds per year prior to the passage of the Endangered Species Act) in virtually hundreds of lubrication applications.

  • Lube Chain Lubricant

    LubeGard Bar and Chain LubricantProvides outstanding protection from rust and corrosion and keeps cutting edges on chains sharp.

  • Lubegard Bio Flange Lubricant

    A patented, aquatically nontoxic, rail and flange lubricant for use in a variety of environments.

  • Lubegard Bio Switch Lubricant

    A railroad switch lubricant.

  • Lubegard Bio-Tap Drilling & Tapping Fluid and Pipe Thread Cutting

    Biodegradable and water-washable tapping oils used to facilitate tapping of holes and rod threading.

  • Lubegard Bio-TDE

    Completely vegetable-based lubricant designed for all metal-cutting processes.

  • Lubegard Bio/Tech Engine Protectant

    A bio-synthetic formula that provides additional lubricity protection to engine oil, eliminates harmful cold starts and reduces internal friction. It optimizes engine horsepower and performance and protects and extends oil life by 30 percent.

  • Lubegard Forming Paste

    Provides extreme pressure lubricity allowing tube bending, stretch forming, press braking, swaging and similar applications.

  • Lubegard Free-eze

    A rusted cylinder treatment made of synthetic oil and LXE esters for applications in gas or diesel engines.

  • Lubegard®

    LubeGardProducts are bio-based lubricants that deliver superior performance utilizing soybean oil.Currently recommended and endorsed by the largest transmission repair chains: AAMCO®, Cottman® and LeeMyles®.  

  • Lubegard® Products

    Are bio-based lubricants that deliver superior performance utilizing soybean oil.

    Currently recommended and endorsed by the largest transmission repair chains: AAMCO®, Cottman® and LeeMyles®.

  • LubeGuard® Power Steering Fluid

    A fluid that enhances all power steering fluids. It eliminates power steering noises and whines and improves power steering system performance.

  • LubFix™

    Spray lubricant.

  • Lyptus® Hardwood Plywood

    Produced with Weyerhaeuser in a range of exclusive looks featuring Lyptus veneers.

  • Mackamide® S

    Acts as a foam booster and stabilizer when blended with anionic surfactants in solid applications such as bar soap.

  • Mackam™ 2S

    An extremely mild surfactant, used in baby shampoos. Stable in strong alkaline systems.

  • Magic Pan Hand Dishwashing Liquid

    Safe Care SC-Magic Pan does not rely on traditional reagent cleaning chemistries but rather the powerful cleaning action of micelle technology: hyperactive sub-molecular particles that churn up soil and gently lift it from the cleaning surface. With this powerful micelle technology, even a small amount of SC-Magic Pan solution will solubilize the toughest food soils, including fats, greases, oils, lipids, proteins and sugars. SC-Magic Pan complies with:
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing

  • Malfours and Moshult Mattresses

    IKEA Malfors foam-mattressMattresses made of soy-based foam mold to body contours for personalized support. The foam absorbs movement. These resilient mattresses are long lasting because they can be turned regularly.

  • Maseo (Maleinated Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil)





    A soy oil-based resin suitable for high temperature cure composite applications.

  • Mast Away MA-99

    Designed for use on almost every mastic removal job.  With almost no odor, our MA-99 Soy-Pro can be used in occupied buildings, and it has a flash point over 400 degrees!  MA-99 Soy-Pro works quickly to remove mastic found under vinyl asbestos tile (VAT), vinyl composite tile (VCT), ceramic tile, and even on the really tough yellow or tan mastics used to glue down carpet.

  • Maxisolv™

    Gemtek SuperSolvSafe Care SC-MaxiSolv is a 100% water miscible, moderately evaporative solvent that can replace hazardous volatile products for general industrial cleaning. An organic solvent with low flammability risk, SC-MaxiSolv will not react with other cleaning compounds, and is an effective co-solvent. SC-MaxiSolv has a Kauri Butinal (KB) value  estimated at 1,000+ and is appropriate for  precision cleaning applications where the surface being cleaned needs to be left dry,
    without any residual product or requiring a further cleaning step. SC-MaxiSolv is a suitable release agent for removing:
    Industrial resins, silicone oils and greases, epoxies, and lubricants
    Metalworking fluids, coolants, fats, oils, and lithium greases
    Printing layout inks
    Carriers of oils, lubricants, and coatings
    REGULATIONS: SC-MaxiSolv complies with:
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    SNAP for precision and electronics cleaning
    US DOT: Class 55, Liquid Cleaning Compounds
    SC-MaxiSolv is a powerful replacement for:
    1,1,1-Trichloroethane, TCA
    Trichloroethylene, TCE
    Toluene, Methyl benzene
    Glycol Ethers, Butyl Cellosolve


    MBI has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers, as well as the required pilot-plant facilities, to work collaboratively with partners like DuPont and Cargill Dow to address the risks associated with bringing bio-based technologies to market. MBI also provides connectivity with both Michigan State University and the broader research community to solve complex problems.

  • MCI Ecocure
  • Men’s Face and Body Skin Care Balm

    A balm made with soy designed especially for men. It provides relief for dry skin and acts as a moisturizer.

  • Men’s Herbal Aftershave Skin Soother

    An aftershave for men that soothes, cools and relieves skin without stinging alcohols. It also contains all-natural moisturizers and skin soothers.

  • Meta-Tec® Products

    Creates a permanent bond that, when fully cured, is waterproof, extremely strong, and environmentally friendly. Meta-Tec® products are one-part formulations that replace and out-perform more costly epoxy, urethane, and acrylic adhesives and are easy to use, easy to clean up, and very installer friendly.

    There are eleven soy-based adhesive products for floor covering installations:

    Meta-Tec® Floor Covering Adhesives (2020, 2071, 2081, 2082, 2083, 2084, 2089, 2090, 2091) ; Meta-Tec® MS-Plus® ResilientTM MBA®; Meta-Tec® MS-Plus® AdvanceTM

  • Methyl Soyate

    An industrial cleaning solvent as a replacement in metal cleaning and                  precision cleaning applications.

  • Methylated Spray Oil Concentrate

    A blend of methylated oils and nonionic surfactants for use where an oil concentrate is recommended.

  • MG Degreaser™

    Formulated to remove medium to heavy soils with mechanical cleaning equipment, high/low pressure spray, or manual cleaning. It is USDA approved Category A-1. Use it in high pressure washers, soaking baths, low pressure spray, spot degreasing, steam cleaning, ultrasonic tanks, parts washing, or floor scrubbing. It dissolves oil, dirt, grease, and organic compounds. It is safe to use on all your washable surfaces including metals, glass, vinyl, plastic, sealed concrete, and ceramic tile.

  • Milkhouse Candles

    MilkhouseAppleStrudelNatural, renewable, silky smooth soy waxes contain none of the carcinogens of paraffin candles. The 40 percent recycled glassware containers are 100% recyclable, so candle jars have a useful life after the wax is gone. Available in a wide variety of amazing scents featured in an online weekly newsletter.

  • Millenium One Step™ Green Insulation Adhesive

    A highly elastomeric, one-step, all-purpose, foamable adhesive that contains no solvents, sets in minutes, and is designed for use with ADCO’s patented application process.

  • Mining Release Agent

    Eliminates or greatly reduces buildup from truck beds and equipment.

  • Moisturizer Conditioner

    Restores lost emollients, pliability and sheen to hair shafts.

  • More Than Glass™ Cleaner

    Safe Care SC-More Than Glass Cleaner may be used on glass, acrylic finishes, plastic laminate surfaces, ceramic tile, porcelain, bright metals, and chrome. SC-More Than Glass is a blend of non-ionic surfactants, corn ethyl lactate and ethanol additives specifically
    selected to eliminate residue and improve flash drying while providing an antistatic effect to reduce soiling. SC-More Than Glass does not contain ammonia or other toxic volatiles, and will not stain or leave streaks. Continuous use of SC-More Than Glass will not harm rubber or vinyl, and will leave these surfaces free of oxidants. SC-More Than Glass complies with:
    USEPA Design for the Environment Program (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing

  • MPX®

    Uses a smooth hardwood poplar crossbank under the face and back of the panel for a clean and even finish.

  • MRG

    A natural, metabolic energy source that is a blend of All Veg 4000. It enhances the growth potential of animals and is a base product for liquid feed.

  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    Non-toxic and cuts grease and grime. Cleans a variety of surfaces from countertops to machinery and tools. Leaves a fresh citrus scent.

  • Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant
  • Multi-Purpose Ink Remover (Greeneway™)

    Franmar’s Multipurpose Ink Remover allows screen printers to clean any type of textile ink with or without additives.Soy methyl ester-based printing ink cleaner for UV and air-dried inks.

  • Multi-Purpose Lithium EP Grease

    A general purpose lubrication for chassis, farm and plant machinery. Contains advanced EP additives. Prevents rust and corrosion for metal-to-metal contact areas, heavy loads and extreme pressure applications.

  • Multi-Purpose Lubricant and Penetrant

    An excellent rust and corrosion preventative and general purpose drilling and tapping fluid. Works well on plastics and other non-metallic surfaces that petroleum-based products can damage. Lasts longer and is less likely to “thin down” at higher temperatures. Extremely high flash point 590°F (310°C) and pour point of -4°F (-20°C). Outstanding dielectric properties. Water neutral. No harsh odors. Environmentally non-toxic and readily biodegradable. Safer around children and pets than petroleum-based products. Contains no zinc or chlorine. Non-aerosol products contain no VOCs.

  • Multi-Surface Cleaner

    Safe Care SC-Multi-Surface Cleaner is an all-purpose, ready-to-use non-ionic surfactant cleaner that will release hydrocarbon soils including fats, greases, oils, and sugars without reacting with the cleaning surface. SC-Multi-Surface Cleaner is based on our most powerful cleaning chemistry, SC-1000 Aqueous Cleaner, which and meets USDA
    requirements for use in food processing. SC-Multi-Surface Cleaner and may be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces and complies with:
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    USDA A1 General Cleaning & L1 Drain/Sewer Acceptable
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing
    NSN 6850-01-505-7193 (5 gal.); 6850-01-505-7

  • N-1 All-Purpose Cleaner

    clean environmentCan be used on a variety of surfaces such as floors, walls and windows and saves energy because it works well in cold water. Never needs rinsing and does not leave film.

  • N-12 Handsoap With Soy

    A naturally derived hand soap made primarily from natural resources. It is non-irritating and very gentle.

  • N-14 Heavy-Duty Degreaser & Cleaner

    clean environmentA heavy-duty degreaser and cleaner that contains a balance of natural solvents, wetting agents and alkaline detergents. It removes automotive, industrial and kitchen soils/oils instantly and works in both cold and hot water.

  • N-15 Spray & Wipe Cleaner Concentrate

    clean environmentReplaces traditional cleaners.

  • N-2 Laundry Detergent & Softener

    A laundry detergent and pre-spotter that cleans, softens, brightens, whitens and deodorizes and removes stains. It is non-caustic to extend fabric life.

  • N-27 Pet Shampoo

    A naturally derived pet shampoo that is non-irritating and a gentle cleansing shampoo for all animals. Conditions hair as it cleans and de-tangles. Does not strip hair and aids in repairing damaged hair.

  • N-3 Solvent Cleaner & Spot Remover

    Instantly removes chewing gum, tar, grease, make-up, candle wax and adhesives from most surfaces. It can be used on clothes, furniture, carpet, and concrete.

  • N-37 Car and Truck Wash Detergent

    cleanenvironmentcarwashA very high sudsing detergent for washing cars and other vehicles. It works with cold water and is easy on your hands. It rinses free of residue.

  • N-41 Oven Cleaner

    clean environmentA non-toxic oven cleaner that is non-fuming, making it more pleasant to work with than traditional oven cleaners.

  • N-45 New & Improved Laundry Detergent

    The Clean Environment Company Laundry Det.Non-hazardous, biodegradable and non-toxic so it’s gentle on the skin. Less expensive than other laundry detergents because a small amount goes farther.

  • N-6 Hand Dishwashing Detergent

    clean environmentA very high sudsing naturally derived detergent for cleaning dishes, pots, pans and fine washables. Great cleaning action even in cold greasy water and gentle on the skin.

  • N-7 Basin Tub and Tile Cleaner

    Cleans shower walls and doors, sinks, ceramic tile, fiberglass, vinyl, porcelain and stainless steel. It deodorizes as it cleans and is acid free.

  • N-8 Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    cleaning a WC

    cleaning a WC

    Cleans, descales and makes porcelain fixtures sparkle and is also pleasant smelling and non-toxic.

  • NaturalCare ® rubber tree sap mattress line

    A mattress made from six-inch soy-enhanced foam, plus one inch of high quality natural rubbertree-based latex, provides gentle support that helps to eliminate pressure points across the entire body.  Latex is not onlysimmons-natural-care-latex-mattress extremely comfortable and supportive, it is also hypoallergenic and naturally dust mite, mold and mildew resistant. The Simmons natural rubber tree based latex mattress is also built to last.  Biodegradable, natural materials like soy and rubber tree sap are extremely resilient and provide long lasting durability.

  • naturalLee Line

    naturalLEE_sustainabilitynaturalLEE offers soy-based renewable seat cushions with 30% soybean oil, reducing the amount of petroleum based products. Our back and throw pillows are filled with 100% recycled fibers made from clear and white plastic bottles. The seat deck and trim pads are made up of 80% regenerated fibers. Our arm padding is made with soy-based polyol. The finishes are all very low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Wood for the frames used by LEE comes from certified sustainable forests and are bonded with a soy-based resin. Our springs are 80% recycled metal. Our offering of organic and natural fiber fabrics complete the product. Being earth-friendly comes without sacrifice.

  • Nature’s Broom

    An environmental absorbent for liquid spills. This patented biobased product encapsulates the spill on contact.

  • NatureWax Elite Soy Wax

    NatureWax is used in candles, polishes and coatings as an alternative to raw materials with supply problems and performance limitations such as petroleum-based paraffin, and beeswax and carnuba. NatureWax products currently hold the major share of the growing soy/vegetable candle wax market.

  • Natursol 1000
  • Neutral Cleaner™ Concentrate

    An excellent, economical all-purpose cleaner. It is true neutral pH: 7.0000 pH. Use it on metals, glass, plastics, and composites. It is safe for all non-porous washable surfaces. Neutral Cleaner can be used in manual cleaning or in high/low pressure mechanical washing.

  • Nobee-300

    An alternative to solvent-based cleaning formulations for mastic removal and as a general industrial cleaner for grease, adhesives and tars or asphalt. Essentially odor-free, with a flashpoint greater than 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • NuGreen®

    NUGreenLogoParticleboard and thermofused laminates that use Soyad® soy-based adhesives to create what Uniboard says is the most eco-friendly particleboard on the market.

    NU Green Soya Uniboard

  • Nutrasoy 7B

    Formed plywood glue using soy protein to replace animal blood as a foaming agent. Works for extenders and fillers for plywood and laminated veneer lumber adhesives. Also for fiberboard and cellulose panel binders.

  • Odor-Ex® Cleaning Deodorizer

    Safe Care SC-Odor-Ex Cleaning Deodorizer is a concentrated cleaning solution proven to eliminate odors while cleaning. A blend of our odor neutralizer and non-ionic surfactant system, SC-Odor-Ex Cleaning Deodorizer does not cover up odors with a masking fragrance, but breaks the odor-causing chemical compound. SC-Odor-Ex Cleaning
    Deodorizer is safe to use on all “water-safe” surfaces such as carpeting, upholstery fabrics, painted walls, laminate counters, and stainless steel. Ideal product applications include trash compactors, holding tanks, animal kennels, institutional laundries and treating
    smoke damage. SC-Odor-Ex Cleaning Deodorizer complies with:
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing

  • Odor-Ex® Odor Neutralizer

    Safe Care SC-Odor-Ex Odor Neutralizer is a true odor destroyer that eliminates unpleasant odors on contact. Derived from 100% plantbased ingredients, SC-Odor-Ex Odor Neutralizer works by breaking key chemical bonds such as sulfur, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and butyl mercaptan so that they are not detectable by smell. Unlike masking agents that simply cover up odors with a more pleasant fragrance, SC-Odor-Ex Odor Neutralizer reacts chemically with the odor compound by a process called oxidation. This oxidation converts the odiferous chemical to a new compound that has no odor. SC-Odor-Ex Odor Neutralizer is effective for institutional use, food and beverage processing, and agricultural applications. SCOdor-Ex Odor Neutralizer complies with:
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing

  • Oil-Base Paint/Primer Component

    Can be used to provide the solvency needed to disperse and hold resins and colorants in oil- or water-based paint and primer while reducing the VOCs in the blend. Works well with existing exempt solvents to match or exceed the performance of more traditional solvent coating formulations. VOC-compliant and nonflammable.

  • Oleocal® IVO-114 K

    A pigment dispersant for paints and coatings.

  • Oleochemicals

    Light and heavy cut methyl esters, broad & mid-cut methyl esters and heavy-cut methyl esters.

  • OmniBrite Alkaline Cleaner

    Safe Care SC-OmniBrite Acid Cleaner is a ready-to-use 100% plant-based formulation comprised of fatty acids, a unique plant enzyme, nonionic surfactants and a buffering system. With a low acid reserve of 9, SC-OmniBrite Acid is not corrosive to skin making it safe to handle and dispose of. SC-OmniBrite Acid is appropriate for removing accumulated calcium build-up on metal pipe, elastomeric and vitreous ceramic surfaces such as aluminum fin coil heat exchangers, circulation pipes, dairy process equipment, toilets &
    urinals, beverage machines, and surfaces with hard water accumulation. SC-OmniBrite Acid Cleaner complies with:
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    EU REACH Pre-registered
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing

  • On Press Ink Remover (Color Change)

    • Works great on Plastisol inks and All-purpose inks
    • Safe on-press screencleaner
    • Replaces aerosol screen cleaners
    • Cleans 35 standard silkscreens per quart
    • Great for all textile screen printing shops
    • Quick color changes
    • Great screen opener
    • 100% biodegradable

    Propylene_glycol_chemical_structure100% propylene glycol is 100% biobased. The proprietary technology uses a catalytic process known as hydrogenolysis to readily convert glycerin into propylene glycol. Very low in toxicity, industrial propylene glycol is listed as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use in food and pharmaceuticals.

  • Oven and Grill Cleaner


    SC-Oven & Grill Cleaner is an industrial strength non-ionic linear alcohol surfactant system, based on our SC-1000 formulation which penetrates and lifts hydrocarbon soils such as fats, oils, greases, proteins and sugars without damaging the cleaning surface. SC-Oven & Grill Cleaner cuts through organic soils without any dangerous chemicals or caustic fumes and does not require the use of protective clothing or gear. The SC-Oven & Grill Cleaner formulation does not contain abrasives, caustics or CFCs and complies with:
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    USDA A1 General Cleaning & L1 Drain/Sewer Acceptable
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing

  • P-1

    Used for pillar/taper candle applications.

  • P.O.G.

    Paint, Oil, and Gum Solvent.

  • P.O.G. Paint, Oil, Gum Solvent

    biokleen-p-o-g-spotter-solvent-16-oz-7 (1)A non-harsh cleaner that safely dissolves paint, oil and gum.

  • Paint and Lacquer Thinner Component

    Features a high KB value that regulates drying times and raises the flash points in paint and lacquer thinners. Custom formulations reduce the VOC content of paint and lacquer thinners. Other LVP and exempt solvents can be blended with SG5000X to provide proprietary low VOC formulations for California and the OTC States. Can replace or reduce the use of MEK, MAK, naphtha or mineral spirits.Blends easily with acetone. DfE-recognized, biobased, VOC-compliant and nonflammable.

  • Paint, Stain and Varnish

    Delta SoyPaintSoy based paint, stain and varnish for use in the home. Available in craft stores.


    A plywood that uses Soyad™ soy-based adhesive in indoor paneling.

  • Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil
  • Partically Hydrogenated Soybean Oil
  • Patriot Power Plus 30

    Industrial cleaner that is water-rinsable. For parts cleaning, degreasing, graffiti removal and concrete floor cleaning. Also used as a penetrant and rust preventative. Readily biodegradable.

  • Penetrant

    Multifunctional fluid contains 99% bio-based content and provides good lubricity, penetrating ability to rust, water-displacing characteristics. It performs well as light duty lubricant, penetrant, cutting/tapping and anti-seizure compound.

  • Penetrant and Lubricant

    Renewable Lubricant BioPenetrating LubricantProven to have greater lubricity than WD-40 in laboratory tests conducted by NABL (National Ag-Based Lubricants Center).

  • Penetrating Oil

    BioBlend_BiodegradableOilA soy-based penetrating oil and general purpose lubricant that is formulated from readily biodegradable base stocks and proprietary additives. BioBlend PO has superior wetting ability and a high affinity for metal surfaces. These properties offer superior penetration to enable the loosening of frozen, rusted or stuck components. The environmentally friendly solvents used are excellent for dissolving dirt, grease and removing debris, while leaving a light lubricating film which helps control corrosion. As with any solvent-type product, care should be taken when using around certain plastics, foam rubbers, urethanes, and painted surfaces as they can be incompatible. Available in liquid or aerosol. BioPreferred.

  • Petrostep Q-50S

    Used as a down hole corrosion inhibitor in oil wells.

  • PhytoSpecific PhytoRelaxer Index 2

    A revolutionary, gentle, hydroxide-free treatment that relaxes coarse and resistant hair safely and effectively without the use of harsh chemicals. The egg and soy-based formula is odorless and does not contain lye.

  • Placentagen Eye and Throat Cream

    A cream that rejuvenates skin and nourishes aging and depleted skin cells.

  • PlastiSoy™

    CHS truckAn epoxidized soybean oil used by plastic manufacturers as a secondary heat and light stabilizer and co-plasticizer in flexible PVC applications.

  • Poly-U™

    An industrial-strength polyurethane adhesive remover made with 100 percent American-grown soybeans. Use on pre-engineered wood floors, UV finished wood floors or concrete substrates. Works without harsh odors and is nontoxic, nonhazardous, 100 percent biodegradable and safe to use indoors. Gel formula makes it easy to apply. It easily cleans up with water. No neutralizing is needed.

  • Polystripper and Polyclear Paint Stripper

    Cost-effective, bio-based solvents specifically formulated to strip polyurethanes, paints and similar finishes. It is safe, non-flammable and biodegradable.

  • Positively Radiant® Daily Moisturizer

    A daily moisturizer containing Active Naturals Total Soy Complex and natural light diffusers that help even skin tone while reducing the appearance of blotchiness and discoloration. The Active Naturals Total Soy Complex process retains the integrity of the soy protein to visibly transform dull, uneven skin into brighter more radiant skin.

  • Potassium Soyate

    Contains glycerin, which serves as a natural moisturizer in formulated hand soaps

  • Prang Fun Pro Crayons

    Crayons made with 100% renewable resources including soybean oil. They are brighter and smoother than ordinary wax crayons.

  • Preference

    Used with post-emergence products which recommend using a non-ionic surfactant. It is the first non-ionic to replace a significant portion of its petroleum-based active ingredient with a crop derivative.

  • Premium Antisplatter

    Safe, water-based formula with excellent splatter protection. Non-flammable. Does not contain suspect carcinogens such a methylene chloride. Does not contain silicone. Paint compatible.

  • Premium Laundry Detergent

    laundry-detergent-going-in-washerSafe Care-Premium Laundry Detergent is a dramatic departure from traditional salt-based detergents that use artificial foam builders, dyes, fragrances and thickeners, which can irritate skin and cause allergic reactions in chemically sensitive people. Based upon plant esters from apples, oats, corn, and soy, SC-Premium Laundry Detergent is based on a non-ionic surfactant system for loosening and removing organic soils without damaging fibers. SC-Premium Laundry Detergent also contained a protein allergen neutralizer, referred to as our EX formulation, which has been proven effective against protein allergens from dust mite droppings, dog dander and cat saliva. SC-Premium Laundry Detergent does not contain caustics or phosphates and complies with the following:
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing

  • Preserve® HR Products

    HickoryMay2009BSSoy-based flexible polyurethane foam. The foam can be used for furniture and bedding as well as other uses.

  • Presolv Ink Remover

    Presolv Ink Remover provides an alternative for environmentally responsible companies who appreciate and understand the need to use non-toxic sustainable products. Presolve relies on renewable plant-based chemistries that are safe to use, store and dispose of and comply with all applicable, OSHA, SARA, SNAP, USEPA and USDA regulations for safety.

  • Prifac™ 8953

    A distilled fatty acid derived from soybeans that acts as a emulsifier in household products.

  • Prize Candle

    All natural soy wax candles.

  • Pro-Cote™ Series

    PaperboardChemically modified soy protein polymers designed for use primarily as rheology modifiers, co-binders and coating structuring agents in paper and paperboard coatings.

  • Pro-Park®

    A soy-based parking lot paint, available in black, blue, red, white and yellow.

  • Proclassic® Water-Based Acrylic Alkyd

    A tough and durable coating that enhances the look of doors, trim, cabinets and furniture. It has excellent adhesion, flow and leveling, is non-yellowing and is environmentally friendly.

  • Prolia™

    Prolia Soy FlourSoy flour adhesives, like Cargill’s Prolia™ soy flour, a co-product that remains after oil is extracted from soybeans – are a natural replacement for formaldehyde and phenol-based resins that have been targeted for removal from wood materials. Research finds that soy flour requires less drying time, uses less water and produces less waste than conventional plywood glues.


  • PROMAR® 200 Water-Based Acrylic Alkyd

    A durable, smooth, high-performance finish with minimal environmental impact. It is recommended for interior application on primed plaster, wallboard, wood, masonry and primed metal.

  • Pronto Supersoy

    Uses “SuperCling” technology for better penetration on vertical surfaces. Designed to be environmentally friendly.

  • Pronto Supersoy for Wood Floors
  • Pronto Supersoy Gel

    A soy-based gel that is designed and formulated to remove multiple layers of paint. It is versatile and will cling to vertical surfaces as well as ceilings but will also fill detailed and intricate areas in grooved or carved areas so that paint removal can be complete.

  • PSA35MA

    A soy-based product for coated paperboard applications.

  • PSA64MA Textile Cone Adhesive

    Replaces petroleum-based polymers with an environmentally sustainable material that is strong, heat resistant and cold water soluble.

  • Pure Bond™ Hardwood/Plywood

    PurebondCrestwoodMore than 50 million PureBond panels have been installed in interior projects throughout the United States. Soy-based adhesives reduce the use of formaldehyde in panel construction, without sacrificing appearance or performance. Available in a wide variety of woods and finishes.

  • Pure EZ Degreaser

    A safe alternative to hazardous petroleum-based degreasers or harsh alkaline cleaners. Combines d-Limonene and soy to dissolve the heaviest grease deposits. Ideal for use on Concrete, Masonry, Machinery, Motors, Equipment, Metal Parts, Parts Washers, Fabric, Rugs and Upholstery.

  • Purfection Hand Cream

    A hand cream that is rich in vitamins C and E, aloe vera, shea butter and jojoba. It soothes and softens hands.

  • QC Ecosoy System

    Biobased decorative concrete system that uses soy technology to provide a low-cost, non-hazardous alternative to stains and sealers, without compromising appearance. Green-building LEED-compliant and available in 15 standard colors.

  • QC Ecosoy Sytem

    An innovative bio-based decorative concrete staining system made from environmentally friendly, rapidly renewable resource materials such as soy. It is low-cost and non-hazardous alternative for stains and sealers without compromising the beautiful look and high quality finish of other decorative concrete stains.

  • Quatrex™S Conditioning Agent

    Exhibits excellent conditioning in shampoos.

  • Quiet Time Soy Candles

    Made with soy wax and a cotton wick. Available in a variety of scents.

  • Radius™ Bending Plywood

    The perfect solution for curved columns, arches, cabinetry and furniture in residential and commercial settings.

  • RAP 4 ECO Friendly Field Paintballs

    RAP4Soy oil partially replaces polyethylene glycol to protect the environment.

  • Refined Food-Grade Soybean Oil

    Drum lots for food

  • Refined Soybean Oil

    Refined, bleached and deodorized soybean oil.

  • Refined USP-Grade Soybean Oil
  • Refined, Bleached and Deodorized Soybean Oil
  • Reflex™ 100
    a toddler drinking water from a garden hose

    a toddler drinking water from a garden hose

    A biobased plasticizer used as a replacement for phthalate plasticizers based on Battelle technology and developed with Archer Daniels Midland. This product has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred program and labeled 94 percent biobased.

  • REG-9000

    Up to B100

  • REG-9000®

    Up to B100

  • RePLAY®


    Makes roads last longer. Adds 15%+ new SBS and SBBS polymers. Reverses oxidation. Helps seal hairline cracks.

  • RePLAY™ Asphalt Sealant

    RePLAYpic BBSJuly2009An agricultural oil seal and preservation agent that extends the life of paved asphalt surfaces when applied every 3-5 years. The 88% biobased solution is easily applied and works deep into the asphalt matrix. There is no need to restripe with RePLAY. It also helps maintain skid resistance.

  • Rhino Linings

    Rhino offers spray foam insulation products under the BioBased Insulation® and DuraTite™ brands. The DuraTite product line also includes spray foam roofing systems. High-density polyurethane foam sealants are available in the BioSeal™ product line. All foam products must be applied by a qualified contractor. Visit http://biobased.rhinolinings.com to locate a professional applicator.

  • Rivet

    MSO silicone adjuvant and non-ionic silicone wetter that enhances the consistency of certain postemergent herbicides for corn, cotton, soybeans and sorghum.

  • Rollshield

    Metalworking fluid for rolling or milling applications.

  • Rust and Oxidation Inhibitor
  • S-700 Soylite Overprint Varnish
  • S-97, S-100, S-113; S-118, S-130, S-14, S-155

    100 percent soy waxes used for blending with paraffin or by itself for multiple applications.


    Products offer the industrial user powerful and effective cleaners, degreasers, solvents and specialty products without the environmental or personal hazards associated with traditional, toxic chemistries. Safe to use, store and dispose of, they comply with all applicable, OSHA, SARA, SNAP, USEPA and USDA regulations for safety. Highly filterable and reusable, they will not damage the cleaning surface or react with other chemistries that are compatible with water and include:

  • SAFE CARE® Productrs

    Offer the industrial user powerful and effective cleaners, degreasers, solvents and specialty products without the environmental or personal hazards associated with traditional, toxic chemistries. Safe to use, store and dispose of, they comply with all applicable, OSHA, SARA, SNAP, USEPA and USDA regulations for safety. Highly filterable and reusable, they will not damage the cleaning surface or react with other chemistries that are compatible with water and include:

    1000 Aqueous Cleaner Concentrate

    2000 All-Purpose Cleaner

    Aircraft & Metal Cleaner

    Carpet & Upholstery Spotter & Shampoo

    EZ Solv™ Safety Solvent

    Floor & Tile Cleaner

  • Safe Lube Gear Lubes

    SAFE LUBE industrial lubricants and specialty fluids provide improved life cycle maintenance of equipment, parts and surfaces. Generally, SAFE LUBE products have a higher heat tolerance with more stable viscosity and higher flash point. SAFE LUBE products are free of Volatile Organic Carbons (VOCs), readily biodegradable under USEPA 560/6-82-003, and are not reportable under SARA.

  • Safe Lube Way Lubes

    SAFE LUBE industrial lubricants and specialty fluids provide improved life cycle maintenance of equipment, parts and surfaces. Generally, SAFE LUBE products have a higher heat tolerance with more stable viscosity and higher flash point. SAFE LUBE products are free of Volatile Organic Carbons (VOCs), readily biodegradable under USEPA 560/6-82-003, and are not reportable under SARA.

  • Safe Lube Wire Rope Lubes
  • Safe Lube™ Bar, Chain & General Purpose Oil

    SAFE LUBE industrial lubricants and specialty fluids provide improved life cycle maintenance of equipment, parts and surfaces. Generally, SAFE LUBE products have a higher heat tolerance with more stable viscosity and higher flash point. SAFE LUBE products are free of Volatile Organic Carbons (VOCs), readily biodegradable under USEPA 560/6-82-003, and are not reportable under SARA.

  • Safe-T-Solve Industrial Strength

    Fast acting, water-based, petroleum-free cleaner with a high flashpoint and low VOC. EPA registration is not required. Removes cutting fluids, petroleum residue, road tar, graffiti, chewing gum and more.


    A line of powerful industrial cleaners and solvents designed to care for and extend the life of equipment and tools. These readily biodegradable products reduce cleanup costs, increase worker safety and limit your exposure to regulatory fines.

  • SafeLube™ Hydraulic Fluids
  • SC – Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

    A cleaner made with 100 percent plant-based ingredients. It removes tough mechanic soils including lubricants and greases without caustic chemicals or abrasive additives.

  • SC Safe-T-Solve Concrete Cleaner

    A blend of SC-1000 and SC-Supersolve used in cleaning parking structures,, sidewalks, building exteriors, automotive shops and for manufacturing plant maintenance. Removes lubricants, paint, chewing gum , tar and stains from concrete and most hard surfaces.

  • SC-Aircraft & Metal Cleaner™

    A Mil C 87937D, TYPE IV QPL-listed bio-based surface release agent for wash rack and spot cleaning of military and commercial aircraft.

    CERTIFIED TO:SC Metal and Aircraft Cleaner Orizon


  • SC-Solvex

    A soy methyl ester, alkanolamide surfactant from soy and water. This emulsion provides excellent solvent KB and yet no VOC. Applications are primarily in the printing industry as a blanket wash, ink remover and adhesive remover; in hand cleaners; as a co-solvent in automotive parts washers; and as a cylinder cleaner for the specialty gas industry. Also used as a floor stripper in federal buildings.

  • Scented Soy Candles

    Available in a wide range of colors and styles.

  • Schercomid™SLL Fatty Acid Diethanolamide

    Contributes to conditioning and emolliency effects in shampoos and cosmetics.

  • Schercoquat™ SOAS-PG Specialty Quat

    A highly concentrated liquid for hair conditioners.

  • Seam Seal Joint Bonding Agent™

    An environmentally friendly alternative to bond asphalt seams. It works on all types of asphalt mix designs and will keep from penetrating into the asphalt seam, thus extending the life of the surface.

  • Serdox NAD 20

    Mild for skin and eyes, it has good emulsifying, softening, lubricating and antistatic properties.

  • SF Kaleido Process Series
  • SG Power Degreasers

    Offers the cleaning performance and safety of a soy based degreaser with the cost effectiveness of a water based cleaner. It can be used on all types of surfaces.

  • SG Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Soy TechnologiesDegreases and polishes stainless steel and other hard surfaces.

  • Shampoo for Dry Hair

    Formulated with all natural ingredients to prevent flaking and dryness. It contains soya protein that penetrates damaged hair.

  • Shampoo for Normal Hair

    Designed for normal to oily scalp hair.

  • Shell Shock Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

    Soy-based industrial strength hand cleaner.

  • Shieldit™

    Corrosion protecting lubricant.

  • Signature Accord

    All Signature Accord carpet is manufactured to commercial specifications using solution-dyed nylon yarn and have a bio-based high-performance backing. “The Yellowstone Collection” has the highest pre-consumer/post-industrial-recycle content in the industry.

  • Signature Accord Carpet

    Signature Accord CarpetSignature products all come standard with BioCel Laminate, developed by Universal Textile Technologies. Combines the very best noise reduction, moisture barriers, antimicrobial protection, rolling traffic and performance. BioCel is manufactured with a minimum of 70% recycled content.

  • Signature Series

    Ashley Signature


    Use soy-based urethane foam in products.

  • Silencer LVT Acoustical Underlayment Silencer LVT™

    Suitable for all glue down and floating LVT and vinyl plank flooring installations, this underlayment offer support, moisture protection and sound absorption. It is made with high-density polyurethane foam using soy polyols. The company says It exceeds air quality and flammability standards and is 100 percent recyclable and environmentally friendly.

  • Silencer SA Acoustical Underlayment

    The product is made of 100 percent high-density polyurethane foam using soy polyols.

  • Simply Soy Lubricant and Lubricating Cloth Wipes

    Contain a nontoxic lubricating solution that cleans rust from tools and is safe to use in sensitive areas like food preparation stations, schools and hospitals.

  • Simply Soy™

    Cleaner and lubricant.

  • Sizing Lubricant and Cleaner

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    A bio-degradable, non-flammable lube and cleaner that works to eliminate stuck cases.

  • Skincare Products

    A complete line of products featuring a unique, nonsolvent process that expels and processes soy lipids while preserving the benefits of vitamin E, lecithin and essential fatty acids in the soybean.

  • SL- Tapping Fluid

    Water-soluble, high-speed lubricant that may be used on all metals that are compatible with water during the tapping process. Non-drying.

  • SL-Cutting & Forming Fluid

    Available for ferrous and nonferrous metals. Provides high-level lubricity performance that can offset the use of conventional chlorinated additives.

  • SL-Grinding Fluid

    Designed for most difficult grinding operations, it enhances performance in all types of ferrous and nonferrous grinding applications which use a water-soluble design.

  • SMD 70

    Concentrated soy-based release agent.

  • So Clean Floor Cleaner

    A non-toxic concentrated floor cleaner made with corn, soybeans and oranges.

  • So Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    A non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaner used on a variety of surfaces including kitchen counters.

  • SoBind™ Balance

    DuPontTechnology for industrial coatings provides a unique balance between performance, cost savings and sustainability.

  • SoBind™ Harmony

    LubrizolA unique family of products specifically designed for Personal Care that are extremely efficient emulsion stabilizers, binders, thickeners and pigment enhancers with multiple benefits.

  • SoBind™ Impression

    Soy Printing Ink - stockFor water-based inks, provides reliability of supply while lowering overall carbon emissions.

  • Solvent Ink Remover (aka Wash Away)

    Franmar’s SOLVENT INK REMOVER is an excellent eco-friendly replacement for traditional mineral spirits and other volatile solvents for cleaning solvent based inks. It is non-flammable and biodegradable with a very low odor.

  • Soy Candles

    100% soy wax candles that are biodegradable and non-toxic.

  • Soy Cream Cleaner

    A cleaner that effectively shines, cleans and protects many surfaces without scratching and without toxic chemicals. It’s safe for linoleum, porcelain, chrome, stovetops, sinks, countertops, tub-n-tile, grout and more.

  • Soy Delites Soy Candles

    Soy–based candles available in a variety of scents and sizes.

  • Soy face cleanser

    An extra gentle gel cleanser for all skin types that instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup.

  • Soy face exfoliant

    An ultra-gentle form of natural microdermabrasion for all skin types that resurfaces and refines the complexion.

  • Soy face serum

    A potent blend of age-delaying ingredients that firms and hydrates all skin types.

  • Soy Gel
  • Soy Ink
  • Soy Lip and Body Balm Base

    An all-natural product formulated for making easy melt and pour lip balms as well as solid lotion bars, solid perfume sticks, massage bars, cosmetic glitter sticks and more.

  • Soy Lotion

    Hand an body lotion available in many scents.

  • Soy Lube SL-100

    An environmentally responsible soy-based formula that halts squeaks, loosens stuck parts and dries out moisture.

  • Soy Methyl Ester
  • Soy Methyl Esters

    Used as an industrial cleaning solvent. Also works well as a co-solvent blended with other products.

  • Soy moisturizing cream

    A daily moisturizer for all skin types that instantly hydrates and revives the skin.

  • Soy Plus Laser Safe & Stallion Black
  • Soy Protein Binder PSA35MA

    PaperboardBinder used in coating for gypsum wallboard. Coating provides a smooth, even and glossy wall surface across seams and nail spots that have been covered with a joint compound. Enables surface to evenly take paint and stain.

  • Soy Seal HD and Soy Seal XD

    Closed-cell foam sealants used for a variety of agricultural and industrial applications such as sealing of livestock houses; soil and rock stabilization; pipeline trench breaker; pad, pillow, and backfill; crack and joint sealing; and post and pole setting.

  • Soy shampoo

    A moisturizing formula for all hair types fortified with protein-rich soy and stimulating ginseng root to nourish and improve texture.

  • Soy Strip
  • Soy Toilet Scrub

    A toilet cleaner made from soybean oil extract, natural volcanic perlite and grapefruit seed extract. It is natural, non-toxic and gentle.

  • Soy Ultra

    A gasoline additive has a frictional modifier and injector cleanliness package.

  • Soy Ultra®

    A multifunctional gasoline additive that contains a unique blend of methyl soyate bio-fuel derived from soybean oil. It increases engine performance and provides smoother idling and improved drivability.

  • Soy Wax Blends

    Candle wax blends containing soybean oil.

  • Soy-20 Multilube

    An advanced, agrisynthetic alternative to conventional mineral oil-based multipurpose lubricants. Formulated with a highly functional additive package designed to inhibit corrosion, penetrate rust, displace moisture and remove buildup deposits of oil and grease.

  • Soy-based Concrete Seals
  • Soy-based Cure & Seal

    ASTM C-309 compliant sealer for freshly painted concrete. Water-based and non-toxic, it is sprayable and cleans up with soap and water. VOC-compliant.

  • Soy-Based Graffiti Remover

    An environmental and user friendly product that contains natural and biodegradable ingredients that quickly and easily remove paint, inks, crayons, magic markers and asphalt tar from a variety of surfaces including brick, stone, wood, metal and cement.

  • Soy-Based Metalworking Fluid

    Soluable oil that extends tool life in general machining operations.

  • Soy-based Paint Stripper
  • Soy-Dex

    Vegetable oil formulated from a blend of soybean and nonionic surfactants designed to maximize the performance of pesticides.

  • Soy-It Lead Paint & HD Stripper
  • Soy-It Paint Stripper
  • Soy-Safe Bar & Chain Oil

    Low temperature bar and chain oil.

  • Soy-T-Drip

    Readily biodegradable turbine drip for irrigation pumps.

  • Soy-Urethane Solid Surfaces

    The company says that its surfaces contain up to 40 percent of renewable and recycled materials and are 20 to 25 percent lighter than comparable acrylic and polyester solid surfaces. Ecotec countertops are also impact resistant and easy to install.

  • Soya Bean Oil, Ethoxylated & Propoxylated
  • Soya Pre-Fatty Acids

    Soy fatty acids.

  • Soyad™ Co-Adhesives

    Soyad adhesive technology is a patented, formaldehyde-free, soy adhesive system used to produce environmentally friendly hardwood plywood, particleboard, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and engineered wood flooring.

    Soyad adhesives are water-based systems formulated with natural soy flour and a proprietary crosslinking resin. When blended together, the resin reacts with the protein in the soy flour to form a durable, water-resistant thermoset adhesive that is comparable in strength and performance to urea-formaldehyde-based adhesives.

    Soyad adhesives provide a number of performance advantages for manufacturers of engineered wood products. Consider the following:

    • Eliminate formaldehyde-related health hazards for workers and consumers
    • The strength provided compares to other no-added-formaldehyde (NAF) technologies and traditional formaldehyde-based adhesive systems
    • Existing application equipment can be used to easily transition from a formaldehyde-based adhesive
    • Eligible for CARB Phase 2 exemptions
    • Qualifies for LEED points

    Industry Acceptance

    Soyad adhesives have quickly become the adhesive system of choice for manufacturers that want to stay ahead of formaldehyde regulations and help improve indoor air quality. Over 110 million hardwood plywood panels have been produced in North America with Soyad adhesives, making it the leading NAF adhesive for hardwood plywood in the region. Soyad adhesives are also used globally to produce particleboard, MDF and engineered wood flooring.

    Ease of Use

    Soyad adhesives are applied using the same type of application equipment used for hardwood plywood, particleboard and MDF. Dosage rates, press temperatures and press times are similar to those of urea-formaldehyde-based adhesives, so production parameters do not typically need to be altered.

    Formaldehyde Emission Standards

    Engineered wood products made with Soyad adhesives meet all global formaldehyde emission standards, including CARB Phase 2, European E0 and Japanese F**** standards. These products are also CARB Phase 2 exempt and are eligible for LEED points for improved indoor air quality.

  • Soyanol Cuticle Oil

    A soy-based nail treatment system.

  • Soyanol™

    A product line of soy-based raw materials, additives and intermediary blends designed to enhance performance, reduce VOC content, and eliminate phthalate based plasticizers. Soyanol™ provides coatings formulators with a new set of tools to formulate low VOC solvent and water borne coatings. Applications include coalescent, plasticizer, and solvent replacement. Soysoybean oil Technologies specializes in bulk and private label sold to manufacturers and distributors.

  • Soyanol™ 1000E

    A water-based additive for paints and stains that is highly compatible with many chemistries, including most latex, acrylic and urethane emulsion systems. It is made with soy and helps develop high stability emulsions.

  • Soyanol™ 5000X-TB

    Soy methyl ester-based stain and paint thinner.

  • Soyanol™ NPR-6

    A nail lacquer remover and treatment made of soy that quickly removes all nail lacquers and delivers a high-powered blend of nutrients.

  • SoyBase Clean

    Cox IndustriesA line of soy-based biodegradable, all-in-one industrial degreasers and floor cleaning solutions. The degreaser was originally produced for the tire manufacturing industry because of its heavy degreasing power. SoyBase Clean also acts as a rust preventative and can be used as a lubricant for machinery to add service life. SoyBase Clean contains a sealing agent that coats floor surfaces, leaving a satin shine and added surface durability.

  • Soybean Oil
  • SoyCandleWorks Soy Candles

    Made with soy, a great renewable choice for a candle.

  • Soyclean Paint Stripper
  • Soyclean Soyrelease 3

    A biodegradable, asphalt-releasing agent in a ready-to-use formulation. Current users report using one-third less product than other material.

  • SoyComplete Green All-Purpose Cleanser

    SoyComplete Green All-Purpose Cleanser is actually millions of soy bean nano-particles engineered to break down dirt with a moving force all on its own. Think “scrubbing bubbles” without the harsh chemicals! SoyComplete is completely all-natural, non-toxic and biodegradable so you can clean without the worry of hazardous chemicals and fumes common with most conventional cleansers. SoyComplete Green All-Purpose Cleanser is so effective that where there is dirt (other than on glass or wood), you can count on SoyComplete to clean it up.

  • Soyderm Waterless Hand Cleaner and Conditioner

    A waterless hand cleaner and conditioner that is made from natural ingredients, including soy.

  • SoyDerm® Waterless Hand Cleaners
  • SoyFast Concentrate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

    SoyFastTM Concentrate Degreaser replaces highly volatile products such as; terpenes, petrochemical based products, including mineral spirits, D’Limonene and Naptha. It is a high performance industrial cleaner/degreaser that is bio based, non-flammable, non-toxic and is very low in VOC. A safe and effective solution for; automotive, aircraft, agricultural, marine cleaning and general degreasing operations. Use SoyFast to prepare substrate surfaces for staining, painting, sealing, or application of other coating finishes.

    The advanced soy formulation easily removes grease, oils, carbon, lipstick, dirt and grime. SoyFast may be used ready to use or diluted with water depending on the application. Dilution ratio is up to 1:30. It is safe for use on concrete, aluminum, finished and unfinished wood, painted surfaces, vinyl flooring, grill hoods, automotive and fleet finishes, upholstery, and carpet.

  • SoyFast All-Purpose Cleaner

    An all-purpose cleaner formulated to be “ready-to-use.” It is soy-based, non-toxic and biodegradable, and has incredible grease cutting power.

  • SoyFast Concentrate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

    SoyFastTM Concentrate Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner replaces highly volatile products such as; terpenes, petrochemical based products, including mineral spirits, D’Limonene and Naptha. It is a high performance industrial cleaner/degreaser that is bio based, non-flammable, non-toxic and is very low in VOC. A safe and effective solution for; automotive, aircraft, agricultural, marine cleaning and general degreasing operations. Use SoyFast to prepare substrate surfaces for staining, painting, sealing, or application of other coating finishes.

    The advanced soy formulation easily removes grease, oils, carbon, lipstick, dirt and grime. SoyFast may be used ready to use or diluted with water depending on the application. Dilution ratio is up to 1:30. It is safe for use on concrete, aluminum, finished and unfinished wood, painted surfaces, vinyl flooring, grill hoods, automotive and fleet finishes, upholstery, carpet and more…

  • Soyfast Manufacturing Base for All-Purpose Cleaner

    Use in concentrations as high as 100 percent for super-concentrated laundry and dish detergents and chemical dispensing systems, to as low as 6 percent for concentrated all-purpose cleaners. When diluted with water, a clear microemulsion is formed that may be colored and perfumed as desired. DfE-recognized, biobased, VOC-compliant and nonflammable.

  • SoyFast™ All Purpose Cleaner

    A clear, soy-based, non-toxic, biodegradable formula with incredible grease cutting power, yet contains no butyls, abrasives or strong alkalines.

  • SoyFluid Hydraulic Industrial
  • Soyfluid Hydraulic Industrial ISO 46 & 68
  • SoyFluid Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
  • SoyFluid™ Hydraulic All Season
  • Soyfluid™ Hydraulic Food Grade QSO 32/46
  • SoyFresh All Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash

    vegetables-clip-artRemoves 99% of bacteria naturally – cleaning away wax, chemicals and dirt from produce.

  • SoyGold Biodiesel

    B2 to B20

  • SoyGold Diesel Additive

    A biodiesel product that increases fuel lubricity, boosts cetane values and burns cleaner than traditional fuels. It blends with diesel in any ration from 2% and higher.


  • SoyGolf

    SoyWorld Golf CleanerGolf club cleaner cleans clubs without harsh chemicals.

  • Soygrease EP Premium #2

    Water-resistant, lithium-based thickener and extreme-pressure additive for maximum performance. It meets NLGI’s GC-LB specifications for fretting wear protection, oxidation and thermal stability. Resists wear, rust, corrosion and is compatible with commonly used elastomers.

  • Soygrease EP Premium #2460

    A premium gear lubricant formulated with OptiBase™ Oils, lithium-based thickener and extreme pressure additives for maximum performance.

  • Soygrease Food Machinery #2

    Formulated in accordance with the criteria established by USDA H-1 and U.S. FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570. Approved by NSF.

  • Soygrease White Lithium #2

    A premium quality biodegradable Biotechbased multipurpose grease formulated from soybeans and a lithium-based thickener.

  • Soygrease™ Multi-Purpose EP
  • Soygreen Enviroclear and Envirogel, Paint Stripper
  • Soygreen Graffiti Remover
  • Soygreen Polystripper
  • Soygreen Products: Enviroclear and Envirogel Paint Stripper

    An environmentally safe premium stripper formulated to remove layers of oil and latex paints, but will also remove many other coatings like epoxies, urethanes, elastomeric and chlorinated rubber.

  • Soygreen Products: Graffiti Remover

    A soy based,non-flammable product that easily removes paint, ink, crayon, magic market, and adhesive resiue from painted surfaces.

  • Soygreen SG5000X/HS
  • SoyGreen®

    Soy Green solventProducts use powerful soy esters to replace butyls, d-limonene, and even caustics for degreasing and hard surface care. Environmentally safe.

  • SoyGreen® Bio-Solvents

    SG1000 is designed for metal cleaning and polishing; SG5000 is the same chemistry but more aggressive, for paint removal, ink cleanup, mastic removal; SG6000 is a thickened version of SG5000, for vertical applications.

  • Soykill Dust Suppressant

    Provides dust control for a variety of situations, including gravel roads and lots.

  • Soylink Chain-Bar Lubricant
  • Soylube All Purpose Lubricant & Oil

    A high performance penetrant and lubricating oil for general purpose use.

  • SoyMagic Natural Body Lotion

    A deep penetrating lotion that moisturizes without feeling heavy or greasy.

  • SoyMagic Natural Face Cleanser

    A face cleanser that gently removes make-up, dirt and banishes bacteria without irritation.

  • SoyMagic Natural Face Moisturizer

    A soy-based formula that reduces blotchiness and discoloration. The soy properties in the moisturizer enhance the skin’s elasticity, controls oil production and helps reduce unwanted hair. Full of antioxidants.

  • Soyol R2-052 (A-F)

    A series of 2 function polyols used  in the production of flexible and rigid foams, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

  • Soyol R3-170 (A-G)

    agrol-bottles (2)A series of 3 function polyols used in the production of flexible and rigid foams as well as coatings and elastomers.

  • Soyol RS

    agrol-bottles (2)Used in a variety of polyurethane applications.

  • Soyol® polyols

    By Biobased Technologies, used to replace polyols in existing formulations or in formulation development. Provide performance that is equal to, or enhanced over competitive materials.

  • Soypex™ 100

    A soy-based replacement for paraffin wax in candles.

  • Soypower Paint Stripper

    An environmentally formulated product that loosens and removes varnish, lacquers, latex and alkyd paint from furniture and other hard surfaces. It is biodegradable, nontoxic and nonflammable.

  • Soypower Penetrant and Lubricant
  • SoySafe™ Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

    Non-toxic hand cleaner is all natural, non-flammable, and certified biodegradable. Contains vitamin E and no pumice. Not available for customers located in California.

  • Soysational Bella Bar

    A bar made with soy that can be used to shave and shampoo as well as cleanse the body.

  • Soyseal

    Concrete sealer, deck sealer and waterproofing material.

  • Soyshield

    A premium diesel additive that upgrades #2 diesel to premium. It boosts fuel economy, cleans injectors and increases lubricity to extend engine life and reduce emissions.

  • Soyshield Winter

    Specially formulated premium diesel additive that upgrades #2 diesel to premium in harsh, cool environments.

  • SoyShield® All Season

    A concentrated multi-functional premium diesel fuel additive that is formulated for use in all types of diesel, especially low sulfur and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. It is a unique blend of methyl soyate bio-diesel derived from soybean oil and highly concentrated multi-functional additive package.

  • SoyShine Natural Dish Detergent

    soymagicsoyshinedishdetergentA dishwashing liquid made of soy fatty acid that attacks and dislodges grease and food particles the minute it hits the surface. Provides the extraordinary bacterial fighting power of soy while it naturally moisturizes hands.

  • Soysilk

    Soy_Silk_skein_largeFiber made from the residue of soybeans from tofu manufacturing. The process is 100% natural and free of any petrochemicals.

  • SoySkinCare

    A complete line of soy-based products with no added alcohol or mineral oil. Includes baby lotion, baby cream, face cream, body cream, lotions and gift sets.

  • SOYsolv®

    Made from 100% soybean oil, tested and proven to be a safe, effective and powerful product for use in many applications including as a lubricating cleaner, asphalt release, grease and oil cleanup, for mastic and adhesive removal, tar and asphalt removal, rubber compound cleaning and welding clean-up.

  • SoyStop™ Anti-Graffiti Barrier System
  • Soytech
  • Soytruk
  • Soytruk Fifth Wheel Grease

    A soy-based grease developed specifically for the fifth wheels on trucks. Thickeners and bio-additives in the grease inhibit rust and adhere to metal surfaces to reduce wear.

  • Speed Release

    Removes heavy greases and oils, cleans silk screening equipment and tools and paints and adhesives. Acts as a protective film for metal rust prevention.

  • Sprayon® CD™ 406 Eco-Grade™ Soy Degreaser

    A unique soy-based solvent blend that quickly penetrates and loosens a variety of industrial soils. Formulated to replace many common terpene and petrochemical based products.

  • SSI Soy Methyl Ester

    A 100 percent soybean-oil-based methyl ester that acts as a natural, multipurpose solvent. It offers significant regulatory and safety advantages over petroleum solvents and addresses the numerous EPA and environmental issues facing solvent users. Soy Methyl Ester is nontoxic and nonflammable and is an extremely efficient solvent for industries in the printing, chemical formulating and adhesives markets. SSI Soy Methyl Ester is USDA BioPreferred Biobased Certified, which qualifies it for government work.

  • Stain and Sealer Component

    Provides an excellent solvent base for carrying colorants and silicas often used in stains and sealers. Excellent penetrating properties on wood, concrete and other porous materials. Does not harm or dry wood substrates. DfE-recognized, biobased, VOC-compliant and nonflammable.

  • Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Stainless_SteelSafe Care-Stainless Steel Cleaner primarily contains non-ionic surfactants along with an organic solvent that is safe to use on all ferrous, stainless steel counters, appliances, equipment and fixtures. The powerful micelle cleaning action of SC-Stainless Steel Cleaner will
    cause long chain hydrocarbon soils including food fats, greases, oils, and sugars to repel from the surface so that it can be rinsed away with water. When used in meat processing plants, SC-Stainless Steel Cleaner safely cleans blood and animal waste without the use
    of harmful sanitizer and killing agents. SC-Stainless Steel Cleaner does not contain abrasives or ozone depleting VOCs. SC-Stainless Steel Cleaner complies with:
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing

  • Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish

    A 100% sustainable and natural product made with soy. It polishes and protects stainless steel and metal surfaces. No streaks or oily residue.

  • StainSelect™

    10 VOC-free factory finish stock stain colors with small minimums.

  • States Industries LLC

    Using soy-based adhesives, State was among the first production hardwood plywood manufacturers to become Forest Stewardship Council certified almost 20 years ago. In addition to meeting ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2009, State products comply with California Air Resources Board regulation 93120 reducing formaldehyde emissions unless otherwise specified. Products include:


    Nova, Nova Peak and Nova Lab






  • StimOil® FBA M. StimOil FBA Plus, StimOil EC, StimOil EN

    Downhole crude oil recovery aid.

  • SUNKOTE®AU4203 and 4240

    Used as lubricants for paper and paperboard coatings. Developed to help prevent dusting on supercalenders and high temperature hot nip calendaring during processing. Our lubricant products reduce the tendency of the coating to crack when paper is folded, reduce or eliminate calender dusting and reduce coefficient of friction.

  • Super High Performance Gear Oils

    Renewable Lubicants Biosynthetic gear lubeDesigned for gear drives and right angle gear drives commonly used in food processing equipment, essentially odorless and tasteless.

  • Super High Performance Motor Oils

    Motor OilMade using the most advanced chemical technologies available for high-performance, heavy-duty turbo-charged and supercharged diesel and gasoline engines.

  • Super High Performance Transmission Fluids

    transmissionfluidAn Extreme Pressure product with long life heat stability, which offers the protection advantages of increased gear life through extremely high film strength and excellent low temperature performance.

  • Superior Soy Lubricant
  • Superior Soy™ Foaming Cleaner

    A soy-based solvent blend that penetrates and loosens tough soils.

  • SuperSolv Safety Solvent

    SC-SuperSolv is a non-evaporative solvent that safely removes mostGemtek SuperSolv
    organic and inorganic soils without damaging the cleaning surface. With a
    Kauri Butinol (KB) value estimated in excess of 150, SC-SuperSolv
    removes lubricants, brake fluid, engine oil, lithium grease, paint, permanent
    marker, and certain adhesives. SC-SuperSolv is non-aromatic and contains
    no ozone depleting chemicals. SC-SuperSolv is an organic, antioxidant
    solvent that will not harm most plastics, vinyl, nylon, butene, rubber, ferrous
    metals or natural fibers. SC-SuperSolv is water miscible and works
    effectively in ultrasonic cleaners and automatic parts cleaners. SCSuperSolv
    complies with:
    USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
    USDA BioPreferred® Program
    EU REACH Pre-registered
    OSHA 29-CFR Ch. XVII 1910.1200 and 40 CFR Ch. 1, Subparts C & D
    USEPA 600, 4-90, 027 for aquatic toxicity
    USEPA 601 & 602 for VOC testing
    US DOT: Class 55, Liquid Cleaning Compounds

  • Synergol FLA

    Diesel additive. Reduces wear in fuel injection systems using low-sulfer diesel fuels without increasing emissions, degrading fuel properties or sludging engine oils. Reduces friction in small diesel engines for easier starts and idling.

  • SynLawn Artificial Grass

    A life-like synthetic turf with BioCel backing that contains polymers produced from domestically grown soybeans. SYNLawn water-efficient landscaping products use recycled content, renewable materials and innovative design that can contribute to LEED certification.

  • Synlawn Artificial Turf

    Michigan AstroTurf (2)Turf made with technology utilizing soy polyols.

  • Take-it-Off Concrete Sealer and Stain Remover

    Removes most dissipating sealers, floor sealers, wax sealers, acrylic and latex sealers.  Does not contain any ingredient requiring listing per US OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200.

  • Tapmatic #1 Gold

    For use in hard-to-machine metals, low-speed high-pressure applications. Minimizes torque increases.

  • Tapmatic Dual Action #2

    Provides superior lubricity in machining aluminum and its alloys. Reduces friction and eliminates chip welding.

  • Tapmatic Natural

    Does not irritate skin, eyes or respiratory tract. Does not contain 1.1.1.trichloroethane, sulfur, chlorine, chlorinated solvents, water, mineral oil or inactive fillers. High-performance lubricating ability eliminates galling and seizing.

  • Tapmatic Tricut

    Dark, viscous liquid designed for extreme cutting/tapping applications.

  • Tart Bars

    Soy-based bars that contain six breakaway cubes used in a tart burner/melter.

  • Technical Grade Soybean Oils

    Refined, bleached and deodorized soybean oil used in paints, varnishes, alkyd resins, epoxidized oils, pharmaceuticals, printing inks and pesticide carriers. Food-grade applications available as well. Fully refined and Deodorized. Meets the requirements for edible uses.

  • Telomers of Soybean Oil

    Refined, bleached and deodorized soybean oil and esters of soybean oil.

  • Temp Flex 0-100

    Formulated for winter.

  • Temp Flex 35-160

    Suitable for summer.

  • Teragren® Bamboo Hardwood Plywood

    Combines bamboo face veneers with Purebond formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood technology.

  • Terra-Soy

    Textile Rubber and Mfg

    Formulated soy polyurethane system for attached carpet pad using SoyOyl.

  • Textile Grease
  • The FinishLine™

    Clear, stained and primed factory finishes in one produce collection.

  • Three-way Lift Chair

    Franklin 3waychairVersatile chair incorporates soy-based foam cushions.

  • Timber Ox Green Wood Protectant Stain

    An environmentally-friendly stain that is agricultural-based and is bio-based. It restores and protects wood’s natural beauty.

  • Timber OxGreen™ Wood Protectant Stain

    An environmentally-friendly stain that is agricultural-based and is bio-based. It restores and protects wood’s natural beauty.

  • Total Effects Mature Skin Therapy

    A moisturizer with a complex of vitamins, anti-oxidants, soy and ginger that the company says reduces redness, blotchiness, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles to create radiant skin.

  • Tranquility Acoustical Underlayment

    This underlay helps maintain serenity with its 100 percent soy-based polyurethane foam content.

  • Transcend

    A micro-emulsifying, buffered oil/silicone adjuvant for low-volume ground application.

  • Transform™

    e2e2 (2)A soy-based proprietary bio-composite used in fabricated furniture products.

  • Tri-Flow Superior Soy Lube Spray

    TriFlowlubricant-aerosolA light viscosity lube that allows for dep penetration into hard-to-reach moving parts.

  • Tri-Flow Superior Soy™ Lubricant


    Tri-Flow soy-based products have triple action cleaning, protection and lubrication to maximize bike performance. Their lubricants, greases and degreasers combine advanced ingredients with ideal application methods to combat moisture, corrosion and metal-to-metal friction – and protect, lubricate & clean bikes for optimum performance.

  • Triple Action Oil Solution

    IossosTriple-Action-OilCleans, lubricates and protects while penetrating to loosen powder, carbon and plastic wad. It works as an excellent lubricant for parts and inhibits corrosion.

  • Tuff Towels

    Disposable wipes containing Mr. Good Chem Graffiti Remover.

  • U-Core+™

    The first polyurethane window foam with renewable soy content that improves environmental impact. U-Core + earned the 2014 Green Award from Door & Window Market magazine. It provides better thermal performance and greater energy efficiency and has fire-retardant properties. U-Core+ also reduces condensation on windows.

  • Ultimate Polyurethane

    A water-based formula that is 33 percent more durable than the leading competitive product with superior adhesion resistance. It has maximum scratch resistance and dries in two hours.

  • Ultra Touch Carpet Cushion

    This underlay provides a soft, lush feel that lasts. It replaces unpleasantly firm carpet cushions. Double moisture barriers protect the cushion from moisture. Triple antimicrobial protection makes this cushion a great choice to use in the homes of people with sensitive immune systems. Ultra Touch uses soy polyols which make it eligible for LEED credit MR 6. Its low volatile organic contents (VOCs) make it also eligible for LEEP credit EQ 4.3.


    ULtraLube_GroupShot_SLProfessional grade greases, oils and spray lubricants that are plant-based and eco-safe. Products are manufactured from renewable U.S.A. grown crops. UltraLube® products reduce friction, heat and wear better than petroleum-based products and are safer to use in the workplace and around the home.

  • Ultrasoy Black and Colors
  • UltraSoy™ and EcoSoy® Black

    Uses renewable soy oil for newspaper printing.

  • Unrefined Soybean Oils
  • Upholstered Sofas and Chairs

    lanestantonfabric-1The Lane Stanton 863 Sofa Collection incorporates both modern and classic style elements to create a transitional styling all its own. Turned bun feet, decorative nailhead trim and rolled arms are the traditional elements present, and the clean straight lines, detail stitching and low-profile of the arms are characteristic of modern furniture designs.Each piece in this collection is built in the U.S.A. The seat cushions are comprised of individual pocket coil springs that are surrounded by high-density foam padding; the foam is made from an eco-friendly soy-based formula.

  • USP-Certified Pharmaceutical-Grade Soybean Oil

    USP Pharacopia CertificationThe U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) is a scientific nonprofit organization that sets standards for the identity, strength, quality, and purity of medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements manufactured, distributed and consumed worldwide. USP’s drug standards are enforceable in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration, and these standards are used in more than 140 countries.

  • UV Eco Soy Process Series
  • UV LabCoat™

    A prefinished plywood panel with a chemically resistant no-VOC, UV-cured lab grade finish.

  • V-1

    A vegetable blend used for votive/tart candle applications.

  • Valve and Assembly Lubricant

    LubegardValveAssemblyLubricantProtects all metals and has excellent rust prevention. Non-sticking formula repels particles and does not have a harsh odor.

  • Varathane Diamond Floor

    A wood floor coating containing soy flour.

  • Varathane®

    A premium wood stain that penetrates up to twice as deep as competitive brands to reveal the beauty of natural wood grain. Apply to wood for long-lasting, translucent stain. Uses exclusive soya-oil base and anti-settling formula for better grain enhancement with less stirring during application.

  • Vegetable Oil Concentrate

    A blend of refined vegetable oils and nonionic surfactants that maximize the performance of pesticides.

  • Veggie and Herb Cuisine

    veggie free photo133_3388_jpgA vegetable and herb food that is non-polluting and non-burning and helps to have high-quality, robust and healthy plants.

  • Versagen

    Methyl esters of fatty acid for industrial applications.

  • Versagen™

    A methyl soyate industrial solvent.

  • Versatech™

    Inks for film substrates are available with less than 1% VOC. Most INX water inks for paper substrates are “Soy Compatible” allowing the addition of Soy Varnish as needed for Soy Seal status.

  • Versatil II
  • Vertec Gold

    Patented industrial solvent based on a blend of methyl soyate and corn ethyl lactate.

  • Vesagen 100-D

    Low color, distilled methyl soyate industrial solvent.

  • Vesagen™ 100

    Methyl soyate industrial solvent.

  • Vikoflex™ 7170

    arkemaArkema’s epoxides plant is located in Blooming Prairie, MN near the abundant soybean fields of the US Midwest.  The quality of Arkema’s epoxidized vegetable oils is among the highest available anywhere in the world.  Customers from Asia and Europe prefer the quality of Arkema’s Vikoflex® epoxides to local substitutes for consistency and reilable oxirane content.

    Vikoflex is a phthalate-free soy-based plasticizer.

  • VPW SC-1000 All Purpose Cleaner

    An all-purpose biobased cleaner for vehicle wash/maintenance, manufacturing, shop cleaning, food processing, janitorial, and more.

  • Werner G. Smith Blown Soybean Oils

    Kettle bodied and blown oils perfect for industrial paint and coating needs. An onsite reactor, a T195 (carbon steel blowing tank), can reach 350 degrees F and the blower is capable of 450 CFM. Soybean oils include:
    ARB&D Soya
    Blown Soya J-L
    Blown Soya W-Y
    Blown Soya Z2-Z4
    Blown Soya Z7-Z8
    KB Soya G-H
    KB Soya W-Y
    KB Soya Z2


    As SoyPLUS® and SoyChlor®  are processed,  pure soybean oil is also extracted and captured. Soy oil can be utilized for a variety of purposes, from foods to personal care and renewable fuels. West Central’s soybean oil is often refined and utilized for biodiesel manufacturing and human consumption, and is also sold to the worldwide market. Soy oil is Kosher certified, and is available in raw form, or degummed for human consumption. Manufactured at West Central’s Ralston production facility, and available for delivery by truck or rail.

  • White Lithium EP Grease

    Features outstanding dielectric properties. Recommended for chassis, farm and plant machinery and general purpose. Contains advanced EP additives. Prevents rust and corrosion. Silicone-free and recommended for plastic parts.

  • White Lithium NLGI Grade #2 Grease
  • White Soybean-Soysilk Top Spinning Fiber

    soy silk yarnSmooth, soft and sustainable yarn, ready for spinning.

  • Wild Card

    A broadleaf herbicide alternative to 2,4-D in cereal crops.

  • Wire Rope Grease
  • WSV 3000

    Wood stain vehicle made from soybean oil.

  • ZEP 70

    ZEP ZWorksA soy-based penetrating lubricant that uses a renewable soy solvent. It provides long-lasting lubrication, and superior water displacement properties.

  • ZEP® Professional Penetrating Lubricant

    From spray greases, dry lubricants and the market’s best formulated lubricants/penetrants, Zep has a wide range of high quality soy-based products that help keep equipment maintained and operating reliably and productively as designed.

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