Soy Paper Chemicals – 2011 Market Opportunity Study

APS Board PicSOY CHEMICALS FOR PAPER PROCESSING A MARKET OPPORTUNITY STUDY September 2011 By: Connie Howe; Robina Hogan; Steve Wildes The process of making paper, paperboard and tissues today is highly cost sensitive. The necessity for increasing productivity and quality, combined with environmental regulatory pressures, has resulted in an increased demand for pulp and paper chemical additives. The global market for pulp and paper chemicals is estimated to have been 51 million tons with a corresponding value of $17.8 billion in 2010. It is projected to rise to 58 million tons or $20 billion by the end of 2015. In North America, the demand for pulp and paper chemicals in 2010 was estimated to be 12.7 million tons or $4.4 billion, increasing to 13.9 million tons or $4.8 billion in 2015. Pulp and paper continues to be the largest industry in demand for chemical additives. Even with the current economic downturn and the increasing reliance on electronic media curtailing paper use, specialty chemical consumption is still huge, leading to a very large opportunity for specialty chemical additives that impart strength/performance enhancements at a lower or equivalent cost of existing products. The industry has become very sensitive to the price stability of soy-based options compared to the volatility of existing petrochemical options and is seeking cost of use/performance data for new and innovative solutions for profitability in these markets. Basic pulp costs have also risen, leading to the need for alternate cellulose sources and greater use of additives to reduce wood pulp consumption without sacrificing performance MOS_SoyPaperChemicals2011

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