Move Over WD40, There’s a New Kid on the Block

Petroleum lubricants have been used to reduce friction and improve the performance of moving mechanical parts for centuries. Recently, a biobased alternative product derived Glysolfrom soy has been developed. The United Soybean Board (USB) and soybean checkoff partnered with Workcell Systems Inc. to support the development of Glysol PenTrate, a soy-based penetrating lubricant.

Glysol PenTrate is the soy alternative to WD40. The soy-based lubricant contains the same properties of WD40, except that it is free of petroleum and other distillates yet has equal or better performance than the petroleum product.

During more than a year of field tests, Glysol PenTrate produced 50 percent (and in some applications up to 100 percent) greater lubricity than petroleumbased counterparts. Its extremely low surface tension allows the lubricant to penetrate into minute crevices – even badly rusted components. Since the soybased product is naturally hydrophobic, it displaces water from metal surfaces and, being very slow evaporating, leaves a thin film coating that resists rust and corrosion.

Perhaps the most important benefit of the biobased product is its minimal environmental and ecological impact. Glysol PenTrate is derived from soy, thus reducing the dependence on domestic and foreign petroleum sources. Should the product be released into the environment, it completely biodegrades in less than 60 days compared with petroleum, which can persist for decades.

Further, since the soy-based lubricant is essentially nontoxic, it presents little or no hazard to the environment. Because of its low VOC content and its nonreactivity with the ozone layer, Glysol PenTrate produces little or no atmospheric effects.

To learn more about Glysol PenTrate, visit www.workcellsystems.com.

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