Eco-Friendly SoyCrete Provides Concrete Solution

May, 2009

BBSMar2009SoycreteRR.ENT (2)SoyCrete, a concrete stain from Eco Safety Products in Phoenix, Ariz., contains over 60 percent renewable biocontent and is ultra-low in VOCs, making it suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors according to company sources. SoyCrete may assist with many Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credit criteria such as low-emitting materials, rapidly renewable materials, recycled content, building reuse and innovation in design. The United Soybean Board and soybean checkoff helped fund the development of technology.

Using patented technology, SoyCrete’s soy esters penetrate deep into a substrate, where they bond. The proprietary natural plant pigments used are automotive grade for UV stability and optimal emulsion with the soy esters that produce intregal colorization versus a topical paint-like film. The result of this process is a finish with durability unparalleled by acid- or water-based stain alternatives. Once cured, removing the finish would require grinding down the substrate past the point to which the stain has penetrated.

According to John Bennett, president of Eco Safety, acid stains react with the very top layers of concrete and produce unpredictable results. Water-based stains apply a paint-like film, which has a limited life span and is much more susceptible to wearing and UV degradation as a result. SoyCrete, however, boasts advantages over traditional concrete stains in every category, says Bennett. It’s more sustainable and more durable but at the same time less toxic and less expensive. “SoyCrete is the best of both worlds,” says Bennett. “It gives the color control with natural mottled variations and penetration without any toxicity issues. And, because it requires between 40 and 60 percent less labor time to apply it, it costs less per square foot than any other concrete stain.”

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