Soy-Based Sealant Provides Superior Waterproofing and Aids the Green-Building Movement

January, 2006

Ever-increasing concerns over the environmental impacts of pollution, off-gassing of chemical compounds and misuse of natural resources have prompted the move toward “green” buildings. These buildings incorporate materials that promote conservation of resources while providing healthier spaces for people to live and work in. Green Products, LLC manufactures various products that help in achieving the green-building goal. They have partnered with the United Soybean Board (USB) and the soybean checkoff to produce Environmental Liquid Membrane System (ELMS) Agriseal 1 (AG1), a soy-based waterproofing sealant typically used in tandem with other ELMS roofing products.

“Agriseal is a direct replacement for fibrous single-component urethanes used as sealants,” said Grant Grable, Green Products, LLC. “Our company’s mission is to not only replace but outperform petroleum building products with environmentally friendly, biobased solutions made from agricultural oils and specifically the use of soy polymer chemistry.”

AG1 is a ready-to-use bulk grade product sold in 5-gallon pails used in large masonry or roofing applications. It’s available in three standard colors – white, gray and tan – with custom colors available on request. The sealant provides key benefits, including low volatile organic compound levels (2.57 lbs/gal.) and ultraviolet resistance (meets ASTM 822 standard). It is 100 percent stain, mildew and mold resistant (tested using ASTM D 3273). It is also environmentally friendly and provides outstanding elongation properties with low permeability.

Application of AG1 is done using a trowel or bulk-grade caulk gun and can be applied even at low temperatures. However, temperatures below 32°F may require the use of a trowel only, since temperatures at or below 32°F can affect the viscosity of the product. Coverage ranges from 84 linear ft./gal. (1 inch wide x 1 inch deep bead) to 336 linear ft./gal. (1/4 inch wide x 1/4 deep bead). The sealant is dry to the touch in about 2 hours (at 75° F (24° C) and 50 percent relative humidity) and reaches final cure in 24 to 36 hours. AG1 can be applied without using a primer and cleans up with mineral spirits.

As part of its commitment to green buildings, Green Products LLC. can provide U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) documentation and advice toward achieving LEED certification. ELMS Agriseal 1 sealant is just one of the many products manufactured by Green Products, LLC that can help reach this goal.

Learn more about new uses for soy-based products by visiting USB at www.unitedsoybean.org/newuses. For more information on Green Products, LLC and its products, visit www.greenproducts.net.

ELMS Agriseal 1 (AG1)

This chart adapted from Green Products, LLC. Web site.
Viscosity 20,000+ cps ASTM D 2196
Volume Solids Content, min. 99% ASTM D 1644
Flash Point, min. Mineral Spirits 314-390F
Wet Adhesion, galvanized 4.1 ASTM C 794/ D 903
Low-temperature flexibility No loss of adhesion or cracking. Unaffected ASTM C 734
Permeability 3 ASTM 1653
Ultraviolet Exposure10,000 hrs. UV and Moisture No cracking, checking, loss of flexibility or discoloration ASTM 822
Water Swelling (73.4 F, 20 mil dry film, 168 hours) 0.8 ASTM D 471
VOC 2.57 lbs. per gallon
Mold, Mildew, Bacteria, Algae Resistance 100% ASTM D 3273
Sag Resistance .3 inch ASTM D 4400
Tear Resistance (Die C) lbf/in 96.9 ASTM D 624
Initial Elongation @ 73 F, % 800% ASTM D 2370
Initial Tensile Strength @ 73 F, psi 306 ASTM D 2370

Green Products Agriseal

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