Soy Ink Continues to Make an Impression on Users

July, 2006

Soy Printing Ink - stockSince 1987, the soybean checkoff has funded the development and promotion of soy in ink in multiple applications. As petroleum prices continued to skyrocket in the 1970s, a few companies looked into using soy in ink applications. As soon as an effective formulation was discovered, many ink manufacturers followed suit as soybean oil presented an attractive alternative to petroleum in the printing industry. To this day, the United Soybean Board (USB) continues to support the progress of soy ink through soybean checkoff investments.

“From the development of the first soy-based product years ago, U.S. soybean farmers continue to be dedicated to funding research involved in the creation of countless products made from soy,” says Todd Allen, USB New Uses chair and a soybean farmer from West Memphis, Ark. “Soy ink is a great example of many benefits that soy provides over petroleum products.”

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