Soy Oil Helps Machining Industries Cool Tool

May, 2007

In the past, cooling and lubricating machinery in the metalworking industry required a flooding technology that was often wasteful, costly and even a detriment to the performance of advanced machining processes materials and equipment. However, new products featuring soybean oil could sold those problems and establish new technology. The United Soybean Board (USB) and soybean checkoff helped support the development of Cool Tool technology, which is bring soybean oil into the machining industry.

The Cool Tool system from Cool Clean Technologies uses a new technology called Advanced Minimum Quantity Cooling Lubrication, which incorporates soybean oil and carbon dioxide (CO2) cooling in to a single process when it comes to metal cutting.

*Soybean oil is very soluble in CO2, so the Cool Tool system was a natural progression,” says David Jackson, chief technical officer of Cool Clean. “Many biobased semisynthetic coolants separate the coolant from the lubrication, but with our system the cooling and lubrication are integrated.”

The use of soybean oil and CO2 results in a much better surface finish that is cleaner and brighter. There is also a noise reduction caused by decreases friction. The reduced friction leads to the machines lasting longer, with more than a 100 percent improvement in the life of the machines when applied properly.

“Cool Tool technology allows for a much cleaner operation,” says Jackson. “You can clean chips up with a vacuum cleaner and the air quality is much better with less smoke from the machines.”

The new technology works with all types of steel, titanium and some carbides. It also shows flexibility when working with previous systems, as operators do not necessarily need to switch out systems. The Cool Tool technology works with existing flooding chemistry.

This project is a good example of the soybean industry partnering with industrial companies to increase the use of soy bioproducts like Cool Tool technologies.

“We’d like to thank the soybean checkoff for funding some of the development work for the Cool Tool system,” says Jackson. “We really appreciate the support.”

To learn more about Cool Tool, go to http://www.co2olclean.com/, to find more information on soy products, go to http://www.unitedsoybean.org/newuses.

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