Soy Wood Treatment Helps Reduce Mold

July, 2007

franmar logoHumid summer conditions, water damage and a cool moist basement create the perfect environment for mold. Contractors and home renovators can kill mold on contact and block its return thanks to new innovative soy research. The United Soybean Board (USB) and the soybean checkoff have provided support to Franmar Chemical for research assistance on using soy for mold remediation.

Franmar has designed a blended wood preservative and mold inhibitor coined Beane- Rid that contains more than 50 percent soy. The environmentally friendly product kills and prevents mold from returning to a variety of surfaces. The soy-based product coats and penetrates wood, providing staying power on targeted surfaces. Laboratory tests on drywall and plaster show the product will work on any construction material. The sprayapplied preservative works on non-wood products, but it is most effective on permeable surfaces that give Bean-e-Rid better staying power. There is a patent pending for Bean-e-Rid. “Bean-e-Rid is safer for workers and water-borne systems for killing mold and maintains a longer protection than other moldicides in its class.” says Dan Brown of Franmar Chemicals. “The product uses renewable chemistry through soy, making it a ‘green’ product.”

Testing and research for Bean-e-Rid was funded by USB and the soybean checkoff. Through testing, Forest Products Lab, an independent laboratory, verified that the moldicide does kill and prevent mold from returning for at least two months. Brown tested Bean-e-Rid in his own basement more than a year ago, and his basement continues to be mold-free.

Initially, Bean-e-Rid will be marketed to mold remediation distribution companies. It is targeted primarily to contractors for use in residential home renovation and water damaged homes. Currently, Franmar Chemical is working to offer the product through two national distributors. Franmar Chemical has worked with USB numerous times in the development of inventive soy products. USB is dedicated to expanding the use of soy and seeks to work with all companies in using soy ester in the solvent world.

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