Unique Soy-Based Mastic Offers Greener Solution for Waterproofing

GreenProductsRoofcoatingsJanuary, 2012

Inventor Lance Niemann of Green Eagle Technologies has developed the first soy-based waterproofing product that can replace traditional petrochemical-based sealants as a less toxic, less carcinogenic alternative for synthetic roofing surfaces.

According to Niemann, G.E.T. Biobased Mastic represents the first and only zero-VOC (volatile organic compound) mastic that has been certified through the ASTM Biobased Certification Program, registered as USDA 2071 with a biobased content of 37 percent. Formulated as a high-viscosity sealant, the mastic boasts excellent adhesion to virtually any roofing surface, including TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and all metals and plastics.

Once cured, G.E.T. Biobased Mastic reinforces and seals membrane seams. According to Roofing Contractor Association estimates, more than 80 percent of water penetration problems occur at seams and roof protrusions.

Niemann says that the manufacturing, application and disposal of toluene based mastics produce toxic byproducts, which contain numerous carcinogens and create a dangerous work environment. According to Niemann, G.E.T. Biobased Mastic will cost and perform similar to or better than petrochemical-based competitors. “G.E.T. Biobased Mastic is produced 100 percent here in America,” says Niemann. “We use only American produced ingredients, and the manufacturing process also generates additional American jobs. With building trends focusing more and more on reduced VOCs as well as biobased content the product is an excellent choice for accruing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design points through the United States Green Building Council.”

The United Soybean Board (USB) provides funding to industry and researchers to help develop and commercialize new uses for U.S. soy. USB previously partnered with Niemann & Associates on soy-based roofing adhesives, industrial coatings and soy-based resins for printing inks.

To learn more about new industrial uses for soy, visit https://soynewuses.org. To learn more about G.E.T. Biobased Mastic, contact the Green Eagle Technologies sales office at 630-655-3635.

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