USB Supports Research of Environmentally-Safe Cleaning Products

March, 2006

franmarThe United Soybean Board (USB) and the soybean checkoff are working closely with various industries to help provide environmentally safe products. A few examples of helpful soy-based products on the market include Franmar Chemical’s Emerge Parts Cleaner, Florida Chemical’s CITRUSoy line of cleaners and New Century Coatings soy-based wood stain.

Emerge by Franmar Chemicals, Inc. has proven itself useful in the swing of spring. As a 100 percent biodegradable, all-purpose concentrated cleaner, this product is used by industry to clean a multitude of hard surfaces. From oil in garages, grease and dirt on lawn equipment and grime from asphalt, concrete, metal and painted walls – this environmentally friendly product has no VOCs or global warming potential. The properties list no flash point and mild odor.

CITRUSoy products have also become a popular item.Florida Chemical Company has a line of cleaners derived from citrus fruits and soybeans that work well for parts cleaning, washing and industrial cleaning products. CITRUSoy’s product formulations target household use and industrial cleaning challenges.

CITRUSoy household solvents are designed to be used as kitchen and bathroom cleaners. The industrial solvents line was formulated for tougher cleaning applications, such as tar asphalt removers, adhesive removers, graffiti removers and general-purpose cleaners. Both lines contain low VOCs and flash points up to 200°F. The CITRUSoy line of solvents can be used in formulated products that have a degreaser not as aggressive as 100 percent d’Limonene. It blends well with other solvents and has no hazardous materials.

Lately, soy methyl ester wood stain has been a popular choice for manufacturers to incorporate in their product lines. Methyl soyate resists the elements and saves money as less staining is required year after year. Soy methyl esters are safe replacements for common petrochemicals. Methyl soyate provides manufacturers and consumers with several advantages over terpene or stains containing high VOC levels, high toxicity, biodegradility issues, waste-disposal problems and high-flammability threats.

AgriStain by New Century Coatings is a soy methyl ester wood stain.It is odorless, contains no irritants or harmful VOCs and provides easy cleanup. In terms of performance, AgriStain increases the quality of stained products through enhanced penetration and colorization. This stain also has shown superior properties when it comes to lapping, drip mark repair and dry time. It prevents fading with UV resistant colors and blending with dyes is acceptable even though loss of color due to UV fading is possible.

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