Goodyear Tire Announces Addition of Eagle Enforcer® All Weather®

Recently, Goodyear Tire showcased sustainability underneath the chassis. With the release of Assurance® WeatherReady® tires in August 2017, multiple cars, trucks and SUVs on the roads today are driving on these soy-based treads. This new soy-based technology has improved driving in adverse weather conditions, making it an attractive option to many vehicle owners.

Due to the increased traction and flexibility of these tires, Goodyear announced it is expanding the line of soy-based tires, adding the Eagle Enforcer® All Weather® for police cars and SUVs that depend on traction in all-weather elements.

These soy-based tires not only increase traction but also provide better handling for the car itself. When soybean oil replaces petroleum-based mineral oil, tire flexibility improves at exceedingly low temperatures and various weather conditions. Enhanced traction is available in rain, snow and other dangerous driving conditions, allowing police to remain safe regardless of the elements.

In addition to performance enhancements, soybean oil mixes readily with rubber compounds and reduces energy consumption, making tire manufacturing more efficient. Replacing petroleum-based mineral oil with soybean oil is improving driving safety for many and benefitting the environment by using sustainable materials, making it a win-win.

Today, there are 40 different Goodyear tires with different sizes, tread depths and load ranges that contain soybean oil. From the general public to police, these sustainable tires are the ideal choice for better overall performance no matter what road you take.

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