Soy Shows Safety

Necessity is the mother of invention, and for Franmar® necessity arrived in strict safety protocols and consumer preferences. For more than 30 years, Franmar has created green, eco-friendly products that assure a safer working environment. CEO Frank Sliney says it best, “If the product doesn’t work better or just as well as its non-green replacement, why in the world would the contractor buy it?”

Over the years, Franmar has successfully developed almost 50 effective and environmentally friendly products used by a variety of industries. In 2014, Franmar rebranded and repackaged product lines and consolidated all non-screen-printing products under the Blue Bear name. These products are made with soybeans and other natural ingredients, specifically high oleic soybean oil.

“Both of the Blue Bear Graffiti Removers (one for hard surfaces and one for porous surfaces) stand out when comparing to other brands, says Scott Sarver, marketing coordinator at Franmar. “They work quickly, are safer and leave little to no ‘ghosting’ or residual images on the surface.”

Most Franmar products include soy ester designed for industrial cleaning applications such as paint strippers, mastic removers, ink removers and parts washers. The soy ester sinks into coatings, making for a deep clean compared to other basic cleaners. Sarver explains, “We have had several people use Blue Bear Porous Graffiti Remover to finish cleaning up what other products have left behind, and now only use Blue Bear to tackle graffiti.”

Sustainability is an important factor when creating new products, and Franmar focuses on the sustainability of source materials.

“For any product that is manufactured, one really needs to make sure that their source for raw goods is sustainable. As long as soybeans are grown, our supply of raw materials is intact,” says Sarver.

Soy ester is a safer, more stable, more effective and ultimately less costly products than other raw goods. When using soy ester as a raw material, end users don’t have to be concerned with harmful chemicals and the underlying issues they bring. The soy ester safely partners with the other ingredients in product formulations.

Products using soybeans and other natural ingredients are reliable, economical and stable, making those products safer for workers and consumers.

“Our soy-based products offer the same, and often superior, results without compromise,” says Sarver. “As consumer awareness of hazardous products grows, we are positioned to well meet their needs.”

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