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Biobased products and sources of raw materials are earning their place in the chemical industry. Significant advancements in processing, formulation, biotechnology and chemical modification have enabled biobased materials to be used alongside petroleum hydrocarbon derived materials and provide additional performance capabilities. Significant progress has been made, and is continuing, in developing and utilizing chemicals and materials using plant-based feedstocks as a viable and renewable replacement for petrochemicals. A book on Soy-Based Chemicals and Materials provides examples of technology that illustrate the breadth and depth of development that has occurred in the biobased chemical industry by primarily focusing on soybeans.

With a long history of industrial use and a variety of active development programs, soy products are being utilized in many established commercial products as well as appearing in new applications using emerging technology. Soybeans are widely available throughout the world and are rich in protein, oil, and carbohydrate fractions, which can each serve as unique renewable feedstocks. Sharing these developments should help the downstream development of soy-based products and create paths that other biobased sources can apply to advance their development.

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