Record Soybean Production Means Plentiful Supply for Manufacturers

Consistent supply is a crucial factor in selecting ingredients. Unexpected hiccups in ingredient supply can throw projects off-budget and skyrocket production prices. With soy, supply is there when you need it.

U.S. soybean production reached a record 4.39 billion bushels last year, creating abundant supply for soy customers such as industrial product manufacturers.

Soybean technology has expanded to planting regions outside of the traditional soybean belt. Soybeans are now grown in places like the Mississippi Delta and the Appalachian Mountains. Last year, farmers planted a record 89.5 million acres of soy.

Consistently improving soybean genetics has boosted yield over time. That, combined with increasing soybean acreage, makes for a market filled with supply.

Domestic and international demand continues rising for soybean meal, particularly in the animal ag sector. This provides ample amounts of soybean oil to serve as petroleum replacements in a variety of industrial products.

For industrial soy customers, this makes soy an ingredient they can count on.

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