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See what major news media outlets are saying about soy-based technology and applications:

Goodyear uses soy to improve tire performance

AgweekTV: Prairie Aquatech uses soybeans for fish food

Recycling Today reports on Refocus 2017: Ford Advances Use of Sustainable Materials.

Soy-based RePlay Adds Life to Pavement

USB Shares Latest Research in Rubber and Plastics News

Architects Go Sustainable with Soy…and Get Credit

Agricultural Utilization Research Center Demonstrates Soy is Paving the Way to the Future.

Thermoplastic and Fiber Technology Highlighted in New Uses for Soy by eTextile Communications 

Battelle and USB Grow More Uses for Soy-Based Plastics Plastic News 8.1.16

North Dakota State University Shares How Soy-Based Surfactants are Replacing Sulfates   http://www.inforum.com/news/3823847-sudsing-soy

ord Motor Company Explains How Soy is Helping Sow the Seeds of Sustainability http://paidpost.nytimes.com/ford/sowing-the-seeds.app.html?_r=0

eTextile Spills the Beans on the Benefits of Soy Fiber at USB Technical Advisory Panel http://www.etextilecommunications.com/

Soy-based Backing on AstroTurf Helps West Coast Water Conservation  https://soynewuses.org/wp-content/uploads/Washington-Post-May-23-AstroTurf.pdf

Soy Polyols in Foam Help IKEA Meet Sustainability Goals http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/pdf/sustainability_report/sustainability_report_2014.pdf

Soy Additives Help Paper Mills Save Money and the Environment


Benefits of Soy Meal-Based Polyols in Rigid Polyurethane Foam https://soynewuses.org/wp-content/uploads/Soy-Meal-Based-Polyols-for-Rigid-Polyurethane-Foam-PU-9.16.14.pdf

Chicago Tribune Says New Uses are Increasing Demand for Illinois Soy https://soynewuses.org/wp-content/uploads/New-Uses-for-Soy-Chicago-Tribune-4.14.pdf

Cargill Features New Uses for Soy in Forbes Magazine https://soynewuses.org/wp-content/uploads/Cargill-Develops-New-Uses-for-Soy-Forbes-11.10.14.pdf

Wood Design Buildings magazine, Spring 2013, Pg. 41 explains how Soy-based Adhesives Provide New, Greener Options for North American Construction Professionals  http://wooddesign.dgtlpub.com/2013/2013-03-31/home.php

Ford to Use Soybean Oil in Rubber Auto Parts ( 2.6 MB )
(Brian Allmer Radio Network (BARN) and www.barnmedia.net, July 7, 2010)

Soy Brings Biobased to Nature( 82.5 KB )

Partnership Brings New Soy Paints and Finishes ( 256.1 KB )(Paints and Coatings Industry, July 2009)

Building a Greener Industry with Soy( 220.7 KB )
(Construction Executive, July 2009)

Soy in Construction: USB director David Wilson talks with host Michael King about new uses for soy in construction and benefits of green building.( 19.2 MB )
(HomeTalk USA, April 25, 2009)

Sticking it with Soy ( 145 KB )
(Adhesives & Sealants Industry, January 2009)

New Uses Special Report( 517.7 KB )
(2007 Corn & Soybean Digest)

The Season for Soy-Based Resin( 460.1 KB )
(Plastics News)

Soy Goes Extreme( 919.8 KB )
(Iowa Soybean Review)

Soy Can Insulate Buildings from Poor Performance ( 272.4 KB )
(Green Building Product News)

New Soy Flour Adhesive Bonds Cost and Safety – Without Formaldehyde( 161 KB )
(Green Building Product News)

The Science of Soy( 357.7 KB )
(Architectural Products)

Soy Materials Make a Green Mark ( 333.2 KB )

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