Werner G. Smith Blown Soybean Oils

Posted on by Deborah Dugan

Kettle bodied and blown oils perfect for industrial paint and coating needs. An onsite reactor, a T195 (carbon steel blowing tank), can reach 350 degrees F and the blower is capable of 450 CFM. Soybean oils include:
ARB&D Soya
Blown Soya J-L
Blown Soya W-Y
Blown Soya Z2-Z4
Blown Soya Z7-Z8
KB Soya G-H
KB Soya W-Y
KB Soya Z2

Company Information

Werner G. Smith, Inc.
1730 Train Avenue
Cleveland , OH 44113-4289
P: 216-861-3676, toll-free 1-800-535-8343
F: 216-861-3680

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