EcoProcote Soy Concrete and Wood Sealer

Posted on by Flo Tichacek

Acrisoy is a durable penetrating non-film-forming bond and seal that will never flake or peel. Maintenance recoats do not require stripping as common with traditional film forming sealers. A virtually odorless and breathable multi-surface sealer allows moisture vapors to escape, yet blocks out moisture from absorbing into the substrate. EFF-Bloc™ technology incorporated in Acri-Soy™ enhances efflorescence and early water resistance. Formulated for application speed, lap free flow and quick dry for fast return to service.

EcoFlorZ is formulated with a very hard VOC free, HAP’s free, 100% acrylic for a tougher finish, then fortified with a urethane dispersion for improved slip, water, chemical, and abrasion resistance. These enhancements allows EcoFlorZ™ to be used on both interior and exterior surfaces with outstanding weathering and UV resistant properties. It may also be used on many vertical substrate applications where a protective film forming barrier is required.

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