InnoGreen™ Polyurethanes

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InnoGreen Bioplastics Innovative PolymersLiquid urethane casting resins that offer measurable carbon benefits directly reduce climate change. Created for hand- batch and vacuum-assisted casting processes, these formulations contain 27% to 40% soy oil-based polyols, a rapidly renewable feedstock produced as a co-product of soybeans grown and processed as a food source for humans and livestock. Every InnoGreen® urethane casting resin is tested by USDA-approved independent laboratories and certified as USDA BioPreferred®-designated.

InnoGreen® polyurethanes exhibit low viscosity for easy handling/processing and demold in less than 12 hours. Once cured, the polyurethanes exhibit elongations up to 200% and tear strengths high as 115 pli. In addition to casting, the new products are ideal for overmolding biobased foams.

A line of 30 to 40 percent soy-based polyurethane cast elastomer systems.

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