Lube ‘N Loosen

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LubegardLubeNLoosenLasts ten times longer than other lubricants and protects surfaces against rust and corrosion.

Specially formulated with patented LXE® (Liquid Wax Ester) Technology to provide a biodegradable all-purpose lubricant that will not cause any harm to the environment.  This unique product can be used to instantly stop squeaks, free sticky mechanisms, loosen rusted bolts and lubricate countless other applications.

Because Lube N Loosen™ is a bio-based product it is included in the Joint Service Pollution Prevention Opportunity Handbook developed at joint service industrial facilities under the direction of the National US Navy (NAVFAC), Air Force (AFCEE), Army (AEC), Marine Corps (HQMC), Defense (DLA) and the Coast Guard (USCG) as a beneficial and longer lasting substitute compared to hazardous kerosene based lubricants.

The patented LXE® Technology incorporated in this product utilizes seed oil derivatives as a replacement for sperm whale oil that was used extensively (30 million pounds per year prior to the passage of the Endangered Species Act) in virtually hundreds of lubrication applications.

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International Lubricants, Inc.
7930 Occidental Ave. S.
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P: 206-762-5343
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