Soyad™ Co-Adhesives

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Soyad adhesive technology is a patented, formaldehyde-free, soy adhesive system used to produce environmentally friendly hardwood plywood, particleboard, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and engineered wood flooring.

Soyad adhesives are water-based systems formulated with natural soy flour and a proprietary crosslinking resin. When blended together, the resin reacts with the protein in the soy flour to form a durable, water-resistant thermoset adhesive that is comparable in strength and performance to urea-formaldehyde-based adhesives.Soyad adhesives provide a number of performance advantages for manufacturers of engineered wood products. Consider the following:

  • Eliminate formaldehyde-related health hazards for workers and consumers
  • The strength provided compares to other no-added-formaldehyde (NAF) technologies and traditional formaldehyde-based adhesive systems
  • Existing application equipment can be used to easily transition from a formaldehyde-based adhesive
  • Eligible for CARB Phase 2 exemptions
  • Qualifies for LEED points

Industry Acceptance

Soyad adhesives have quickly become the adhesive system of choice for manufacturers that want to stay ahead of formaldehyde regulations and help improve indoor air quality. Over 110 million hardwood plywood panels have been produced in North America with Soyad adhesives, making it the leading NAF adhesive for hardwood plywood in the region. Soyad adhesives are also used globally to produce particleboard, MDF and engineered wood flooring.

Ease of Use

Soyad adhesives are applied using the same type of application equipment used for hardwood plywood, particleboard and MDF. Dosage rates, press temperatures and press times are similar to those of urea-formaldehyde-based adhesives, so production parameters do not typically need to be altered.

Formaldehyde Emission Standards

Engineered wood products made with Soyad adhesives meet all global formaldehyde emission standards, including CARB Phase 2, European E0 and Japanese F**** standards. These products are also CARB Phase 2 exempt and are eligible for LEED points for improved indoor air quality.

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