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Perhaps the first well-recognized new soy product was an automobile panel made from soy plastic by Henry Ford in 1933. Although soy had been used in products such as paints and lubricants in the past, petrochemicals were lower in cost and more readily available after World War II. Since then, new technologies have been discovered to include soy in many industrial products. Relatively little research on soybean oil and protein as industrial ingredients were conducted until formation of the United Soybean Board (USB) in 1991. USB, comprising 69 volunteer farmer-directors, oversees investments of the soybean checkoff, a research and promotion program funded by U.S. soybean farmers.

With demand for fuels and chemicals growing worldwide, finite supplies of petrochemicals and natural gas will grow more expensive. Renewable alternatives such as soy have begun to play an increasingly important role as basic resources for the production of energy and chemicals. Using soy-based products not only helps conserve fossil fuels, but often enhances human and environmental safety.

This online catalog is produced year-to-year to help consumers and businesses identify commercially available industrial soy products and ingredients. The listed products contain soy in some form, though some may also contain petrochemical-based or natural-gas-based ingredients.

This online directory also provides an opportunity to list additional products or companies. For requests to be added to this guide or to order a hard copy, contact Stacey Jackson at stacey.jackson@osbornbarr.com.

This guide is provided for informational purposes only. The United Soybean Board does not endorse any of the products shown or the companies that produce them. The United Soybean Board does not make any representations regarding product safety or performance or the accuracy of any of the information in this guide. All information in the guide has been provided by soy product manufacturers and has not been verified.

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