BECKOSOL AQ® Gets Green Light for Traffic Paint

May, 2013

The green construction movement has driven demand for water-based coatings that can maintain strict environmental regulations, without sacrificing performance.

Responding to this need, Reichhold researchers developed BECKOSOL AQ, a new platform of low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) water-based alkyd latex resins, partially derived from bio-renewable oils, including soy.

The innovative alkyd latex chemistry behind BECKOSOL AQ delivers all of the benefits of an alkyd — including ease of application, high gloss and excellent flow and leveling. The low molecular weight (M


W) and low glass transition temperature (Tg) resins eliminate the need for coalescing solvents. Formulations based on alkyd latexes can rival performance of acrylic latex alternatives in applications ranging from stains to metal primers.

“We are always searching for new markets that can benefit from BECKOSOL AQ technology,” says Jamie Dziczkowski, Chemist Associate at Reichhold, a global supplier of resin to the composite and coatings industries. “The large volume, water-based traffic markings area is a prime example where alkyd latex provides a low-cost, biobased alternative to an acrylic latex.”

Supported initially with funding from the United Soybean Board (USB), Reichhold chemists developed the shear-stable alkyd latex for use in traffic markings. When formulated as recommended, BECKOSOL AQ400 can be used in coning applications, parking lots, and other non-fast dry applications, and carries the USDA BioPreferred® voluntary label.

Reichhold chemists are currently in the process of developing a fast-dry resin system for traffic marking paint that will drive demand for waterborne alkyd latex resins even further. For more information, visit www.reichhold.com/coatings.

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