Soy Turf Backing Plays the Field

July, 2008

BBSJuly2008AstroTurfFrom rolling farm land to the fifty-yard-line, new soy-based technology levels the playing field. Athletic turf made by AstroTurf® features new BioCel® technology, a soy-based unitary polyurethane backing system developed with initial support from the United Soybean Board (USB) and soybean checkoff.

BioCel technology utilizes soybean oil to replace petroleum-based polymers used in similar polyurethane backing components. Replacing petroleum with soybean oil reduces dependency on foreign oil and provides environmental benefits.

“AstroTurf uses soybeans grown by U.S. farmers instead of oil from foreign countries,” says BioCel marketing director Andy Belles. Soy plays a crucial role in the performance of the turf. The soy polyurethane backing is unaffected by moisture and can be perforated for enhanced drainage. Made from soybeans and postconsumer recycled content, the turf backing has low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

“The backing is the foundation of any synthetic turf system,” says Belles. “A turf system is only as strong as the backing material that holds it together and BioCel is durable enough for the NFL.” In addition to athletic fields for sports like football, soccer and field hockey, the artificial turf is gaining popularity on golf courses and for residential uses. The BioCel backing system is an affordable alternative to petroleum-based backings.

“As soybean farmers, we are proud to work with the industry to develop new uses for soybeans. AstroTurf with BioCel technology is the result of soybean checkoff efforts to expand soybean utilization,” says Marty Ross, USB director and a soybean farmer from Delmar, Del. “AstroTurf with BioCel technology is one more reason for America’s soybean farmers to be proud of their own fields.”

To learn about AstroTurf with BioCel backing, visit http://www.astroturfusa.com

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