Concerns about the environmental impact of chemical cleaners and strippers has sparked an interest in biobased solvents. Methyl soyate, a methyl ester derived from soybean oil, is the key ingredient or carrier solvent in eco-friendly formulations.

Methyl soyate, or soy methyl ester, is produced by transesterification of soybean oil and methanol with a sodium hydroxide catalyst. It is a safer alternative to chlorinated, petroleum and oxygenated solvents that offers very low flammability, a very high flash point (greater than 360 degrees F), low VOC levels (<50 g/l), low toxicity and is not listed as a Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) or ozone-depleting chemical (ODC).1

Case studies demonstrate how you can use methyl soyate to make products more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, without sacrificing performance or increasing price.



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