Nutek Continues Soy Success Stories

August, 2011

Nutek, an Ohio-based company, built its business by developing a number of soy-based products and continues to do so after being purchased by Hoover.

The United Soybean Board (USB) also funds research and supports the development of soy products and technology like soy coatings, foams, plastics and other products that can help replace petrochemicals.

Many soy-based products, ingredients and intermediates exist for a variety of industries that can be found in USB’s Soy Products Guide online.

Nutek’s soy success story began with Bolt-Off, a soy-based performance lubricant developed by Nutek CEO Cathy Horton. Horton said that soybean oil naturally provides four to seven times more lubricity than petrochemicals. Today, Nutek includes the following soy-based products:

• Simply Soy®- lubricant designed for in-home applications that is 100 percent biodegradable.

• Bolt Off®- lubricant that reduces the friction from nuts, bolts and other hard-to-remove parts. • LubFix®- multipurpose lubricant for creaky hinges, sticky sliding glass doors and sticker removal.

• Simply Soy Grill Wipes- wipes that dissolve greasy messes on barbecue grills and prevent food from sticking to the grill.

• Simply Soy Lubricating Cleaning Cloth Wipes- patented non-toxic lubricating solution that cleans rust from tools and can be used in sensitive areas, such as food preparation areas, schools and hospitals.

Currently, Nutek’s products can be found online by searching product name.


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